Fun facts about street photography

I ever heard about professional photographers said to me ” Use 35mm lens to get beautiful street photography”. For Sony a6000, sensor size is APS-C that smaller than full frame sensor with 1.5x, so 35mm lens for APS-C is 23 or 24mm lens.

I purchased 24mm named “Wesley 24mm f1.8”. It’s very useful lens because I can take macro shot with this lens easily. My Geekster 35mm lens cannot take macro lens because focal length starts with 30 cm that cannot photographer with macro well.

I still do as same as professional photographers suggest on their article. Finally, look like 24mm lens is really boring. I need to use kit lens that can use all of situations. My idea of using kit lens happened when I watched photography exhibition at Bangkok Art & Culture center. Many ranked photography didn’t mind with depth of field, but emotions on these photos were really passionate.

So these are fun facts about street photography.

World class street photos doesn’t mind with depth of field.

Garry Winogrand. Los Angeles, 1969

Not only world class street photos, but historical photos too. Reason is hyperfocus. Many street photographers used rangefinder camera that couldn’t focus as same as SLR camera, but they used zone focusing. Sometimes they photographed from elbow or somewhere without seeing on viewfinder. That was rangefinder camera’s identity.

Hyperfocus is the fastest focusing because photographers focus first before pressing shutter. But hyperfocus lacks of making depth of field, but for street photography, depth of field doesn’t matter as impressive composition.

You can get beautiful photos with only kit lens.

2018-06-19 08.19.05 1

Your kit lens is one of the best lens for street photography in this time. Reason is street photography lens start with 28mm lens. But some cameras use kit lens that start with 24mm lens. That can use to take street photography. If you need 35mm focal length, Kit lens can do it.

Although kit lens lacks depth of field, but street photography doesn’t matter with depth of field as same as portrait photography. Taking street photography with kit lens is deserve.

I recommend you to use widest focal length to take photos without seeing viewfinder. It can keep every objects you want in each pictures.

Your “luck” is important! Photograph immediately if your instinct says that is beautiful.

2018-06-19 08.23.28 2

Art of street photography is “Happening without script”. It doesn’t same as counting 1,2,3 to photograph. And the best moment to photograph with perfect composition doesn’t happen easily. You can know what time you must photograph with your instinct.

Yes, instinct can tell better than your ideas in brain.

Don’t think about photographing with this angle can get bad result. Think only photographing at this time may get opportunity. Such as, someone who is breaking glass and you photograph immediately. That guy’s face with frightening is captured. That’s rare moment you can capture it.

Don’t mind about counts of photographing. Now you have massive memory card that you can save many photos files. So photograph them until you satisfy.


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