Photograph Idol = illegal?

For someone who aren’t Asian, you may not know about Idol. Idol is an artist who sing or dance with catchy or freshy songs. This has started at Japan, then separated around Asia. For Korean, Idol isn’t specified only cute girls, but there are cute men who dance or sing with perfect performance.


Until idol artist mainstream is growing in Thailand since BNK48 has debuted. First time, BNK48 wasn’t boomed until 2nd single of BNK48 “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” appeared, many people danced and sang this song together. But do you know? BNK48 has shown with livestreaming at Digital Live Studio. And someone are using their camera to photograph BNK48 idols.

AKB48, the origin of BNK48

Actually, BNK48 is 48 Group idol franchise from Japan, so rules of fanclubs are used from Japan, such as…

  • Don’t photograph idols.
  • Don’t selfie idols.
  • Don’t touch idols.
  • Don’t sell photo from each single CD (photos are written “not for sale”)

But when BNK48 come to Bangkok, many people don’t know rules of Idol. Although BNK48 has concept “Idol you can meet”, but in Thailand or Western artist, fanclubs can meet easier until you can selfie with artist together, So they break the rules of idol due to “Idol you can meet.” Although BNK48 is “Idol you can meet”, but for real life is “Idol you can meet but cannot close them.” or “Idol you can see.”

Actually, in Japan, music artists cannot stay with fans together. They think themselves as “Mysterious people”, so fanclubs cannot meet artist easily.

When audiences are coming to Digital Live Studio, they take photos all of time. Taking photos until rule “Don’t take photos” are broken. So BNK48 staff reduce rules of fanclub to “You can take photos but only for idol’s working time.” If you see BNK48 idols at another time, when you call to BNK48 idols, they deny your request immediately due to BNK48 idols have their rule about “Don’t say too much with strangers and don’t selfie with someone who aren’t in family. If they do, they are punished with working suspension for 1 month and reputation are demoted.”

But when photographing idol is allowed. So many Facebook pages with showing idol photography are started.


Many unofficial photos are really beautiful and gorgeous. Until someone sell unofficial photos that they photographed themselves. This behavior is illegal. In Japan, taking photos idol is prohibited strictly due to idol photos can be assets for trading. But in Thailand, many illegal merchants still sell unofficial photos to anyone in BNK48 events.


  • Photograph idol in Japanese is prohibit. Violating rules may be condemned or be illegal.
  • Photograph idol in Thailand are allowed when you photograph idol at working time (such as on stage, on live studio). Cannot take photos outside working time.
  • Photograph selfie photos is prohibited except you have permission to photograph selfie photos (2shot). If selfie photos outside 2shot event are leaked, that idol will get penalty.
  • Unofficial idol photos are photos that contains idols in each photos but aren’t from BNK48 office. Unofficial idol photos are not for sale. If you sell it, that means you’re selling thief goods.

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