Joylada, the new style of reading novel

Novel is art of creating story that you already know. You can real novels on physical book, e-book or anything else. But I recommend you to read with physical books. Although that’s so heavy for you, but it’s comfortable to your eyes.

Until the world changes your reading lifestyle faster. Reading novels with physical books is outdated. Now chat novel style named “Joylada” debuted. And I think this is really great innovation of reading novels!

If you’re novelist who interest new innovation or technology, this chat novel service is deserve you.

Chat style novel is really fun

I don’t know that other countries fun to read chat screenshot? But in Thailand, reading chat screenshots is really enjoyable. You can read and know story simply from chat simulated screen on Joylada. That’s Thai teenagers’s routines to read something on chat screen.

Each characters can describe something novelist need!

But… Sometimes chat screenshots can be used as evidences for revelations. Such as, someone who cheat girlfriend, real girlfriend need to reveal her boyfriend’s chat screenshots to anyone on Facebook as viral content.

For Joylada, that’s better because you can create your owned novel as you want.

You can create your own novel

Joylada is one of the free space of everyone who love to create your own novel at anywhere. If you create novel books that contains too much words, you cannot use smartphone to create story well, but Joylada can let you create or imagine your story and write anywhere with Joylada application on smartphone.

My novel “The Urbanist” on Joylada.

But sadly, you cannot login and create Joylada’s chat novels on web browser from computer. If you want to create, you must use only Joylada application, that means Joylada needs novelists put dialogues on their smartphones that are installed Joylada.

If you want to create chat novels on your computer, you need to download Nox first. Nox is Android emulator based with Android 4.4 (too old). When you download, you find Joylada and download it. Nox support changing languages from Windows OS to affect on Android OS from Nox. I can swap between English and Thai easily. And picture transfer is really simple than Bluestack. So I recommend you to use Nox to create Joylada novel on your computer.

Now Joylada is popular to everyone.

When I go out from my home to do my works in Bangkok, I always use BTS transportation to move myself to anywhere. Many girls in BTS skytrain are watching cat novels on Joylada application. They watch and talk together. Look like Joylada is the trendsetter of reading novel in this era.


Because everyone have their smartphone and smartphone is a gadget you cannot forget to equip to anywhere. Smartphone can do everything!! Actually, this chat novel idea come from comic book application and modern lifestyle with chatting is valuable.

Pros from Joylada

  • You can know who say together. Original novels must let you imagine each characters, but Joylada, you know character’s personality or appearance clearly.
  • Simply narration.
  • Understand dialogue easier.
  • Have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter fake posts to simulate moments on social network.
  • Earn your money (if you’re popular and write too much novels.)
  • It’s little interactive novels.
  • Many novels are free to read.

Cons from Joylada

  • Too hard for publish as book.
  • Character references often refer to celebrities, superstars in real world. In book version, you need to draw characters as illustrations.
  • Joylada browser version is too bad. No character’s profile and social network posts on novel support. If you create social network posts on your novel, in browser version doesn’t show

Left is reading on Joylada app, right is reading on Google Chrome. At last dialogue, reading on Google Chrome doesn’t appear twitter post.




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