Thonglor in 2018


I also update Thonglor zone in Bangkok, Thailand every year, and now Thonglor is changed too much. So this is my suggestions for nightlife travelers.

More live concert than EDM.

Now Thonglor is the land of luxurious residences. Not only Japanese who live here, there are Chinese, Caucasians live at Thonglor and 2 years later, luxurious condominiums constructions will be finished.


With luxurious target group, so EDM is useless for people who have more than 25 years old. They need live concert with hanging out. Drinking beers is chiller than dance insanely on nightclubs. But EDM is still available on DEMO, BEAM or DND.

And now, Funky Villa is coming back as “Goldy”. Due to burning accident in 2016, Funky Villa is built to Goldy for 2 years.

For EDM addicts

Go to RCA. Although RCA isn’t boomed than 17 years ago, but Onyx and Route 66 still rocks.


Now Thonglor isn’t only place for nightlife!

If you come to Thonglor with daytime, many cafe are waiting you. There are many cafe and restaurants you can eat it happily, such as Japanese food, dessert cafe, Thai food, bakery, coffee shop. Everything you need are available in Thonglor.

I recommend Teddy Castle and Perhaps’ Rabbit. Pick up your girlfriend and let her playing something in these cafe. For Teddy castle, you need to pay THB 100 for entrance fee, but then feel free to photograph anything else.


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