When I changed my works to VLOG


Don’t worry, my street photography isn’t stopped. It’s still be continued.

But I research something until I know the better way of photography.

I will do VLOG.


What is VLOG?

VLOG is similar as blog that tell your story as articles, but VLOG tells your story as video. Now VLOG is very popular for YouTubers who always upload videos on YouTube. And look like VLOG can change my jobs to be better.

Pros of VLOG

  • It can tell that’s your work!!! If you record your face that tell something, VLOG can guarantee that’s your work and people who watching VLOG can know that’s you. Meanwhile photos cannot guarantee that’s you 100% except you take selfie.
  • You can use rules of composition to record video as same as photograph something. With good composition from your photograph skill, it can use with recording video that let your VLOG better.
  • You can get more jobs than only photographing.

Cons of VLOG

  • Longer time process. You must edit in video editing application again.
  • Footage files are bigger than photos files. Upgrade your memory card to at least 64GB and use ultra speed SD card.
  • Discharge your battery faster than photograph. You need to have alternate battery or equip power bank (if your camera can charge as same as your smartphone).

Don’t edit too much, but edit to communicate simply

VLOG isn’t music video that need aesthetic or art of editing. VLOG has same duty as BLOG about “Tell something to reader simply.” But you must have mind of seeking need from people.

Seeking needs everyday

For business, need from people is important than everything. You must do VLOG from people’s need. Focus to people first what they are needing now. Then you list needs on your note, then you think topic to do VLOG. That can make your video to be searched faster. Check on review video. Why review content has too much views? Because many people need to see review before they buy that product.

Do anything from people’s need is basic of business. Look at social trends on Twitter and try thinking what they are needing. Then you do VLOG.



Sony a7 III is debuted.

  • They need more information about Sony a7III.
  • They need first date of publishing.
  • They need review from this camera.

Traveling in Thailand

  • They need Thailand traveling guide.
  • They need recommended hostel in Bangkok.
  • They need recommended food in Thailand.

If you do VLOG with that 1 of 3 needings, your VLOG will be watched.

Don’t do VLOG with

  • Your need without seeking people’s need.
  • Aggressive controversy contents. (But moderate controversy contents isn’t bad).
  • Violated social guidelines contents.

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