Photographer earning crisis in Thailand


I cannot refuse the truth of photograph job earning in Thailand. Now earning is lower and people don’t hire any photographer for photographing anything they want. Now my photograph job isn’t available too much. These are reason why photography job in Thailand is downhill.

The richest is camera shop

In Thailand, the most popular camera brand is Fujifilm because Fujifilm has manufactured cameras for new-entry target group who need beautiful photos, but not too much quality for commercial using (sharing on social network only). Some people think owning camera for photographing themselves are better than hiring real photographer. Taking profile photos job in Thailand is so downhill.

Sadly, the richest are camera shops where sell cameras and they get profit too much from new-entry cameras. Camera manufacturers are rich together with camera shop, but photographers who works as freelance think to change their job to be more advance than only taking photos. Please read next paragraph.

Taking only photos cannot survive

Yes!!! In Thailand, job from art cannot let you survive your life due to new generation people don’t interest art too much than last generation people. They focused to updated news, trends or something that give back to the society. Photography is the job of art. Only having awesome portfolio doesn’t guarantee you can get great jobs later. And photographing beautiful girls doesn’t let you popular, meanwhile that girls in your photos are more popular than you.


So, how can you have more money with your photography skills? I have good idea for you.

Stay yourself as photographer and focus to take photos for giving society. That’s the basic of rich people mindset “Do your favorite job that make everyone better”. Now in Thailand, VLOG is booming more than you think. I also change from photographing to record video and edit to be VLOG before uploading on YouTube. I think VLOG can say that’s my work proudly because I use my sight of photograph to use VLOG camera angle. Sometimes I recorded my face to tell something to audiences who watch my VLOG. My face can tell simply about that’s my work.

Who can survive from photographer red ocean?

That’s hard question. It’s brutal competition without lethal. Many people can have camera, but can you change your earning method?

Here are my recommendations for raising your reputation or alternate way to earn money from your camera.

  • Create your blog and write your camera review, recommended places for photograph or anything else you think that’s good for everyone. Use your photos as a part of your articles. (You should do this first before do everything. It can make you to be popular.)
  • Make VLOG and upload on YouTube. If you dare to do always, you will be popular for 1 year or earlier.
  • Photograph to use on online stock marketplaces.
  • Read news or book to gain other people’s experiences.

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