A guide to photograph in Bangkok


If you talk about Bangkok, you also think about street food first because Bangkok is one of the greatest street food city in The world. But do you know? Bangkok is the city you can take very beautiful photos as you want. Many places are built for letting you photograph for your need. If you travel to Bangkok, you may in love this city until you want to live permanently.

Bangkok is capital city in Thailand, so photographing somewhere in Bangkok is similar as big cities in Asia. Sadly, Bangkok isn’t planned their city to conserve Thai traditional architectures as same as many cities in Europe. And now many condominiums are built too much until it destroy overall beauty from this city.

But, don’t worry. I recommend places in Bangkok to let you photograph until you satisfy. So what are my recommendations? Let’s check them out.

Street photography is welcomed


Congratulations to all photographers who need photographing street photography. Bangkok welcomed you to photograph without fearing restriction. Rules of photograph in Bangkok isn’t same as Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. These 3 countries you cannot take street photography with strangers who you doesn’t request permission. If you photograph, you have a risk to be arrested due to strangers who you photograph call to nearest police.

So why? Why Taiwan, South Korea and Japan aren’t the heaven of street photography?

Due to crime of sexual harassing, some people who have psychosis need to photograph voyeur and victim is humiliated. Not only once, these happen too much, so law of photography is born for protecting women. You cannot photograph strangers until you get permission.

But in Thailand, there aren’t have this law. So you can photograph everywhere you want, except restrictions places (I will tell you at “Know about restrictions“)

At bridges cross Chao Praya river


Luckily, Bangkok has big river that divide 2 zones. It called “Chao Phraya river”. This river has epic history to let you learn Thai history since Ayuthaya era. But now Chao Phraya river still be one of the most important river in Bangkok that feed everyone who live at Bangkok. And many bridges that cross Chao Phraya river are designed very well. They are too big and let you take bridge or great view of Chao Praya river as you want. Bangkok is one of the best place to photograph.

Asiatique, the river front


Luckily, Asiatique owner welcome every tourists who visit for photograph everywhere as you want. Asiatique is one of the most recommended place I want you to photograph. I cheer this places too much. You can photograph your lover near Chao Phraya river and this river has strong wind that let girlfriend’s hair to be blown. You can get beautiful photos in here. I cheer you.

But, many Chinese tourists focus to visit this place until you cannot take great photos well because Chinese tourists don’t care anyone who travel in Asiatique. They have owned habit that do it everything. Chinese people talk loudly. That’s usual, but you may feel unusual clearly. Don’t worry, they are kind to everyone if you smile to them.

Time to go Asiatique is evening since 17:00 to 21:00. If you come to 17:00, some shops open and greet to everyone who visit at Asiatique. But if you come to 18:00 or later, bring your tripod to photograph with long exposure or low light. Asiatique is one of the most recommended place to photograph cityscape beautifully at night. Don’t forget tripod. This place allow all photographers who use tripod.

Chinatown Yao Warat

2018-02-06 08.34.02 1

Thank you everyone who visit to Thailand and enjoy eating foods from street food restaurant at China town Yaowarat. Now the world ranks Yaowarat road as one of the greatest street food place in the world. Time to go to Yaowarat is 18:00 or later. I recommend you to go at 18:00 for surveying good place to take Yaowarat road cityscape photo well. In 19:00, it’s start time of photograph everything you think they are beautiful in Yaowarat. That is same as hunting something you need.

Long exposure photography is available to this place and I could do it well. You should use prime lens to get better result. If you need long exposure photography, tripod is your best friend. Bring it, don’t forget this. But if you think tripod is too heavy for you, you can use plastic cone on the road as tripod. That’s really good.

2018-02-06 08.34.08 1

For candid photographer, this place welcome everybody who love photographing candidly. Recommended lenses are mid-tele prime lens 85mm or 135mm for taking candid with impressive depth effect. If you use ASP-C camera, you should use 55mm f1.4 lens. Another reason, there are many lights on Yaowarat road that you can make bokeh on your photo. Or if you need lifestyle or street photography, use 35mm focal length (23 or 24mm for APS-C) to take photos well.

You may in love Yaowarat road. Not only photograph beautifully, you can eat or drink food deliciously as the kitchen from the heaven.

But… don’t come to Yaowarat road at Monday because in Bangkok, municipal police may arrest merchants who open food shop at street on Monday. Actually, Monday isn’t great day of travel nightlife in Bangkok. Try to go another day.

Khaosarn road


“This road can let me to the dream.” travelers said.

I don’t know why Khaosarn road is popular place. Khaosarn road is the road of nightlife as same as walking street at Pattaya. You can enjoy darkside of nightlife in here. Many merchants can talk English because Khaosarn road is the land of foreigners. This place can photograph since 19:00 or later.

Bring your camera with prime lens first, then take photos with RAW files to better processing. This road is one of the most entertaining road you can get mysterious experiences you never get from other countries. Someone need to dance and discharge your stress in your mind at Koh Pah-nguan at full moon party, but you need to practice and prepare yourself first at Khaosarn road. If you know culture and experiences well at this nightlife road, coming to Koh Pah-Nguan is really easy for you and you can say everything very well when you arrive to your local country.

Community malls


What is community malls? Community malls are small malls that focus customers to residents who live at condominium. Many community malls in Bangkok are really beautiful that let you photograph your girlfriends everywhere. Atmospheres at community malls is fresh and relax too much. You can touch nature from forest at some community malls in Bangkok.

But community malls aren’t travel place. It’s relax place before you continue traveling to other places. Community malls have premium grade restaurants you can enjoy eating well.


2017-10-12 07.49.54 1

Actually, you can walk to anywhere in Bangkok because travel places are so close. You can go from Platinum fashion mall to Siam paragon within 12 minutes. You can go from Siam square to Charmchuri Square with 30 minutes. You can go from EmQuartier to Thonglor with 20 minutes. And there are too much convenience store you can visit all of time. When you come to 7-11 or Family mart, buy bottle of water with 7 Baht (0.25 USD) Drinking water in Thailand is very very affordable. Drink it until your thirsty is lost.

Know about restrictions

Although Bangkok allow you photograph strangers with street photography style, but there are some restrictions you should know before you photograph.

You cannot photograph if…

  • Come to place with “no photograph” sign, such as hospital, military zone, government zone, some department stores.
  • You are at the road that dynastic procession of vehicles comes and will pass from you. You can see it clearly if many polices try to clear all cars to be free on the road or polices block your walkway. Photograph dynastic people in Thailand is forbidden. If you do without permission, you will be arrested.
  • You enter to many concert that forbid photography.
  • That girl you try to selfie is come from idol band named BNK48 or Sweat16. (Selfie is forbidden.)
  • You try to photograph beggar or crazy nomads. (They will attack you.)
  • You come to Library in the forest.

You should know about…

  • Alcoholic drinks sale time is 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-00:00 on next day. I don’t know why this silly law is occurred.
  • Vape is illegal in Thailand.
  • Foreign’s entry fee is more expensive than Thai entry fee. I have visited at Ratchadumnoen boxing stadium and boxing match ticket starts at 1,000 Baht. Are you crazy?
  • Drinking alcoholic drinks at public park, temple, government zone, school, college, university, hospital, royal zone or another restricted zone is prohibited. If you violate, you will be arrested.
  • Alcoholic drink sale is stopped when in important Buddhism day. Nightclubs are closed too. Reason is about alcoholic drinks are sin of Buddhism (but not be forbidden forcefully as same as Islam.)
  • Stop walking at 08:00 and 18:00 when you hear Thai national anthem until anthem is finished. If you keep walking when you hear national anthem, you will be arrested.
  • If you do something bad in Thailand, social users from Facebook will condemn you relentlessly until you apologize them.
  • 80% of Thai people doesn’t know English. Many Thai people may avoid you. If you don’t know your waypoint, ask tourist police.
  • Look at taxi chauffeur. They may cheat you.
  • Thailand isn’t land of sex. Change your attitude first.

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