How about Fujifilm XA-5?


Last year I brought Haruka to buy Fujifilm XA-3 for selfie or high quality photography. Haruka said about this camera could get great photos quality and selfie photos was so beautiful and not fake too much as other compact camera with beauty function.

That time Fujifilm XA-3 was popular in Thailand due to many girl bloggers reviews and promote this camera for girl. And looked like camera was one of the gadget you should have it for capture great moments you need to memorize.

And now Fujifilm debuted new camera with rangefinder style for entry-level called “XA-5”. Why isn’t it XA-4? Because Fujifilm is Japanese company that for Japanese culture, 4 is unlucky and condemned number as same as western culture who believes 13 is unlucky number that many condominiums in Thailand call 13th floor as “12A”.

In Chinese and Japanese culture, calling 4 is similar a word that means “death”, so XA-3 shifts to XA-5.

In Thailand, Fujifilm XA-5 has been promoted with Thai idol girl group who is branched from Japan called “BNK48”. And now BNK48 is talked of the town girl groups that is successful with marketing and gigantic fan clubs. But I think using BNK48 promote this camera isn’t good because many BNK48 fan clubs are men while XA-5 has been made for girls.

For promotional video, see below.

OK, so how about Fujifilm XA-5? Can this substitute XA-3? Let’s check it out.

Better than Fujifilm XA-3 and debuted price is lower

Fujifilm XA-3 debuted price is THB 23,990 and that time this camera was promoted with many bloggers in Thailand. (That time BNK48 isn’t debuted officially.) But looks like many girls buy Fujifilm XA-2 for lower price.

While Fujifilm XA-5 debuted price is THB 21,990 and you get new kit lens with power zoom that start focal length wider. Earlier kit lens is 16-50mm, but new kit lens with power zoom is 15-45mm. Feeling for using power lens is same as using Sony lens that I think that’s good, but lack of classic feeling.

Not only power zoom lens, you can record 4K video (for 5 minutes) with Fujifilm XA-5. That’s really great!

Design is same as XA-3

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ xa-3

Nothing different, except “XA-5” text. Everything from XA-3 are used in XA-5. Look like XA-5 is minor changed as same as iPhone with “s” generation (iPhone 4s, 5s, 6s). Only change is new kit lens with power zoom.

Kit lens use power zoom

For me, power zoom can make zoom lens smaller when non-using. As same as Sony APS-C kit lens that when you open your camera, lens will expand. But for me, if you serious focal length from zoom lens, you may know first about this kit lens is power zoom that cannot lock to 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm directly.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ xa-5 lens

But for video, this lens can perform well. And look like new Fujifilm camera focus to video usage.

4K burst shooting is enabled!

One of the greatest feature for this camera. 4K burst is really useful when you need photographing with natural gesture. And XA-5 have more powerful autofocus, but Fujifilm is also Fujifilm that make camera for photograph as specialist. For video, please choose Sony or Panasonic who have too much experiences of manufacturing video camera.

What’s new from XA-3

  • 4K burst
  • Enhanced autofocus system
  • Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 4K video record (only 5 minutes)
  • New kit lens “Fujinon XC 15-45mm” with power zoom



  • If you doesn’t have any camera and looking for casual usage, selfie.
  • If you doesn’t have any camera and you’re lady.
  • If you have XA-2, XA-10 and you need to upgrade your camera gadget.


  • You’re gentlemen. (This camera is made for women.)
  • You need camera with viewfinder.
  • You have XA-3 (because XA-5 is minor change).
  • You need serious camera with 4K video reorder.

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