Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras


Last year, many photographers interested new Sony camera called “A9” with beyond technology and trendsetter of modern digital camera. Sony haven’t been lost their way of manufacturing their camera with mirrorless technology. Sony is the trendsetter of mirrorless camera that doesn’t focus what photographer need, but for new technology of camera. And now Sony mirrorless camera can beat DSLR camera with picture quality or conveniences from mirrorless system, but except battery issue hahaha.

But experienced photographers still blame Sony camera because of incompatible for photographers, such as lack of ergonomic body design, battery drain faster, too hard for recognizing menus, bad lens body designs, too expensive professional lens, less lens support, etc.

This article I will warn you before you buy Sony camera. If you agree flaws from Sony camera, that’s your choice.

Lenses from APS-C camera (E-Mount lens) don’t have too much as Full-Frame lens (FE-Mount lens).


Although Sony full frame lens can use with Sony APS-C camera, but full frame lens is so expensive and too big for APS-C camera. Sony lens body design isn’t really cool. Its lens body is similar as simple cylinder. Look like Sony needs to design with modern camera design, but I think it’s not good. It make Sony’s camera isn’t handsome, but for professional photographer, that isn’t matter.

Sony E-Mount lenses (lens for APS-C cameras) are expensive than Canon or Nikon. What are you thinking Sony? Why your lenses are expensive?

But with expensive lens, lens quality is really superb. You can choose G, G Master or Zeiss lens as you want. That’s world class lens grade, but these are designed for full frame camera first, so lenses are so big and don’t fit with Sony APS-C camera well.

Do you have legacy lens? Sony camera is yours

2018-02-21 05.21.33 1

Focus magnifier and focus peaking features from Sony camera are really great. And Sony cameras are mirrorless that can use old SLR lens with adapter. Many legacy lens or manual focus lens can show their characters well. If you have Helios 44-2 and use with Sony A7II, you can photograph and get pictures like vintage photos that modern lens cannot do it well.

Electronic viewfinders on Sony camera can show focus magnifier and focus peaking while DSLR cameras cannot do that. That’s advantage from mirrorless camera you should know well. Although legacy lens can photograph slower than modern autofocus lens, but this choice for lens geeks and photographers who need vintage photograph style that doesn’t focus too fast.

Good news for newbie photographers who have purchased Sony camera. If you use Sony APS-C cameras (such as a5100, a6000, a6300, a6500), Chinese lens manufacturers “7Artisans” create affordable manual focus lenses, such as 7Artisans 55mm f1.4, 35mm f1.6 or anything else that have depth effect. You can purchase less than $200 for getting prime lens for portrait photography. That’s really great.

Many people know Sony camera was born for commercial use

In Thailand, Sony camera’s commercial shows about their camera is greatly used for commercial use, such as taking photography on studio for serious image quality (Sony a7rIII), sport photography that capture all of athletes’ movement. And Sony still focus their camera as “next generation machine” that their camera or lens product are called as product code as same as electronic products, such as SEL100F28GM or SEL85F14GM. Meanwhile Canon lens tell their spec clearly, such as “EF50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro”. Not only Canon, many camera brands tell clearly.

Sony uses their insane camera technology features as their sell point. But some details photographers need or user experiences, Sony lacks them. If you decide and learn Sony’s camera features, Sony camera is really great for you.

Sony camera body design is modern and compact


Other Sony’s sell point is palm-size full frame camera. Full frame DSLR camera is really big, but for Sony… Full frame camera is so compact and can compatible with legacy lens for great design.


Sony camera is suitable for newbie photographer who need to start photograph jobs with mirrorless technology. And now full frame camera “a7II” is affordable full frame camera. But if you need to change camera brand, think carefully because Sony cameras aren’t better too much than your Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm. Sony cameras have some flaws, but if you don’t mind that flaws and ready to change brand, that’s your decision.

For long term, you should buy Sony camera with full frame sensor because many pro grade lenses are made for Sony camera with full frame sensor.



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