Introducing Mookmuay, new main model


Before I wrote this article, I need to find new main model who doesn’t have experiences of modeling.

Finally, I contacted to Mookmuay who never worked as model. Actually, her life was international sales consultants that thought to herself about she didn’t have charms. She was chubby, but that wasn’t problem because she had organic smile, one of the rarest charm I had ever seen.

Why I choose Mookmuay?

Chubby? No problem with chubby body, but Mookmuay has organic smile I think that’s really powerful charm I’ve ever seen. Today many girls who work as promotional model focus too wrong charms, such as enhanced boobs, slender body or spiky chin. Mookmuay has never done any plastic surgery.

Actually, Mookmuay is my close friend. And she needs somebody who takes photos to her. And I will support her to be YouTuber if my YouTube channel will be popular.


Know about Mookmuay

Name : Thanchanok Wichananon
Date of birth : September 2 1991
Zodiac : Virgo
Blood type : B
Nation / Ethnicity : Thai / Hong Kong
Occupation : International Sales Consultant
Default places : DND, Nunglen, THAY, Cassette
Habits : Have very high passion
Relationship : I cannot tell you
Chemistry : Someone who can trust her personality and identity
Likes : Delicious food, Nightlife, Stay with her closed friends, natural environment
Dislikes : Betrayer, guy who talk too much and control her, DEMO nightclub

What does Mookmuay mean?

In Thailand, many Thai people call someone with their nickname, not real name. Mookmuay is Thanchanok’s nickname, but her nickname is really complex because you can call her 2 nickname, such as “Mook” and “Muay”.

“Mook” in Thai is pearl. Actually, I created her new nickname “Margarita” that is Latin word for “pearl”, but she doesn’t love it, so I call to her “Mook” as usual.

“Muay” is Chinese world that means “sister”. Thai people use “Muay” to call Thai girls who have Chinese race or Chinese appearance, such as small eyes, single eyelid, white skin, black straight hair.

Thanaerng, a girl who Thai people call her “Muay” because she has small eyes.

You can call her “Mook” or “Muay” as you want.

Her personality

Mookmuay loves to stay with her friends who love to go anywhere that have many people, such as party event, nightclubs at Thonglor / Ekkamai. Her life loves listening music and she needs live musics too much so she goes to Thonglor with her friends every Friday or Saturday. Her nightclubs she loves to go are DND, THAY, Nunglen. Although she comes to Thonglor, but she hates DEMO because that’s not good for her.


Comparison with Haruka

Haruka ever was promotional model and her lifestyle is fashionista who has talent with dressing. Haruka’s habit isn’t same as Mookmuay because she is calm girl who doesn’t talk too much. Someone think she is arrogant girl, but her personality tell everyone about she is mysterious. With her smile, she has too much secrets she doesn’t tell someone who don’t close to her. But for model posing, Haruka have done very well.

Meanwhile Mookmuay doesn’t have experience of promotional model and she never does any surgery, but she learns postures from celebrity from Instagram she follows. And she follows Instagram celebrity users who performs gorgeous postures so she uses these for letting me photograph her.

Not only gorgeous postures, Mookmuay has organic smile, one of the greatest charm I’ve ever seen. Organic smile can be found with celebrities or someone who have natural beauty without too much doing plastic surgery. And Mookmuay has it. But she thinks she doesn’t have charms who attracts anyone (because her friends are more beautiful.) I think that shouldn’t happen with Mookmuay. I will change her mindset to be lovely girl.

Dialogue when I invited her to photograph

I : Hey Mook. I need to photograph you at Siam. Are you available?

Mook : Photograph me? Tomorrow?

I : Tomorrow? That’s great.

Mook : But I’m fat. I fear you photograph me fatty.

I : Don’t worry, Mook. Your charm is organic smile.

Mook : What are you talking about? What is organic smile? LOL

I : Your smile isn’t flavored, but come from your mind truly.

Mook : Hey!! But that’s good. I trust your photograph skill. See you tomorrow.

I : Thanks Mook.

Mookmuay will be my main model since February 2018 or later.





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