Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)


When blogger will be influencer.

When consumers have influence to tell or judge this things are good or bad.

When another consumers trust bloggers who are consumers that have more power to tell.

That’s it. Blogger is a man who can fix your doubtfulness.

Although my blog wasn’t nominated, but I didn’t care it. Actually, I loved party or some events that had more friends that have same interesting. For this, I loved writing and reading blog because bloggers could tell everything that I doubted.

Blogger society in Thailand was rarely talked about this. It should be talked and spread around together. I ever asked my friend who was watching some YouTube channel and blogs. They said reason to watch because “I love him.” And I asked again “Do you know what job does he do?” She couldn’t answered. She didn’t know about that YouTuber’s job. But I revealed answered “He is YouTuber”.

“So what is YouTuber? A man who create content in YouTube channel?” My friend asked me back.

“Yes.” I answered.

Sadly, people didn’t know about job names from people who created contents on Facebook Page, website or YouTube. Actually, they called whole “Blogger”. Today bloggers aren’t creating contents only on their website. They create at their “Facebook Page” or “YouTube channel”.

And look like blogger can be influencer who are famous and can tell something until someone who follow their contents know and try it. Many people want to be blogger and now bloggers in Thailand need contests or activities to compete the best blog ever.

This is first blog contest ever in Thailand.

Free entry, but limited seats


That’s it!!! This event was FREE entry. But you needed to register first. Actually, I ever came to blogger meeting event called “Blog-Ger-Day” that organized in August 2017. Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 proudly organized by CPALL. So this event was similar as Blog-Ger-Day, such as booths at entrance hall.


It’s your chance to keep exclusive knowledge from speakers!

There were 3 speakers who could tell the exclusive knowledge to make your blog better. First was Bee Saroj, Second was Champ Teepakorn and last was …. I didn’t know him. Sorry.

Bee Saroj, the marketing man who told exclusive marketing theory to bloggers.


He had very high experiences of marketing, so his talking had keynote that revealed something he wanted to tell better. He said about marketing theory to bloggers who joined Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017. That was the precious gift you got it free and used it to use your blog better. I would share this to someone who was reading this post.


He said “Marketing around us”. Yeah, I agreed this. Blogger or everyone who was born in this world should know “Marketing” as basic knowledge in your life. Marketing wasn’t hard as you think. After he quoted “Marketing around us”, he continued introducing basic knowledge of marketing. When market was the medium who connected between consumer and brands & services, consumers NEED ……. from service brand and brands & services SHOW VALUE ……. to consumers

But when digital technology influenced everyone in present, so marketing plan was changed. Need power from consumers will be big to brands & services.

So why need power are bigger?

Because blogger was consumer who had very big influence to suggest or verdict products or services. When bloggers told something, many consumers who follow bloggers trusted and they needed to brands and services. So marketing trends will be changed.

Bloggers were the medium between consumers and brands & services. Consumers need contents from blogger, and blogger needed money or profits from brand and services. But blogger showed value as contents to consumers and brand and services showed value to blogger too.

Blogger show value as “Contents” they told. Many people focused to contents, but actually, that was same as “Iceberg”. They have inside of blog system that blogger should have, such as Social Analytic, Influencer Network, Social language, Social Tactics, Optimization, Ecosystems, Analytics.


Then challenge of content publishers was so tough. Such as Velocity, Variety, Volume. You had to fast to think and take action. If you was slow, that trend will be out. Variety was important as velocity. Volume was followers that connected with you.


Tor Phenomena, the greatest advertising director ever said about contents using in blog. There were 3 S, such as


Signature : Someone create contents and reader know creator’s name immediately.

Standpoint : Why many followers come to read your contents?

Success story : Make your content to be success.


Amplifier are content creator who focus only your views, but less standpoint and success story (or Signatures).

Creator are content creator who have Signature, Standpoint, Success Story.

There are 3 F that improved your blog, such as Fit, Fact, Feeling.

Fit was your branding power that show what service was.

Fact was your analytic data to improve your branding.

Feeling was your chemical match, reputation and manners.

And Final words had quote “WORK until you no longer to INTRODUCE yourself.”


Next Speaker, Champ Teepakorn, the MATTER owner.


Champ Teepakorn was speaker who didn’t have keynotes. He said about alternative ways to earn profit from blog works.

There were

  • Pay with premium contents
  • Pay when you create seminar
  • Cross media
  • Crowdfunding
  • Use cryptocurrency
  • Donation
  • Create content and give service

Next speaker, I don’t know his name hahaha.


Third speakers let you listen 3 musics that he loved it and wanted to share all bloggers who was at Thailand Best Blog Awards event. But he wanted to tell about you should connect everyone in this earth.

Thailand best blog awards verdict

There were 4 awards to give to bloggers who showed their work very well. Such as

  • Best new blog (The best blog that has been launched for 3 months or lower)
  • Best Knowledge blog (The best blog that give knowledge)
  • Best Creative blog (The best blog that show creative contents)
  • Blog of the year (The best blog that show greatest contents and connections to followers)

Best new blog

There are 3 nominees, such as

  • The 101 world
  • ผู้ประกอบการรุ่นใหม่ใส่ใจบัญชีและภาษี (New entrepreneur pay attention account and tax)


And award was given to SPACETH.CO



SPACETH.CO were started from young students who interested astronomy. SPACETH.CO created blog very beautiful and give updates about astronomy continuously.

Best knowledge blog

There are 4 nominees, such as

  • เคมีฟิสิกส์ของสิ่งทอ (Chemist and Physics of fabric)
  • วิทย์สนุกรอบตัว (Fun sciences around you)
  • MedThai


And awards was given to วิทย์สนุกรอบตัว



วิทย์สนุกรอบตัว showed science knowledge with simple infographics on their Facebook page. Another one who wasn’t scientists can recognize easily.

Best creative blog

There are 4 nominees, such as

  • พี่ มศว พาน้องสอบ
  • เดอะ ชราภาพ
  • Scoop Viewfinder
  • มนุษย์กรุงเทพ


But looked like no award to give.



4 nominee blogs lacked some properties of creative blog, such as original contents that never show from somewhere. That’s too hard to create creative blog.

Blog of the year

There are 3 nominees, such as

  • ลงทุนศาสตร์ (Investment theory)


And finally, blog of the year is…




MISSION TO THE MOON give impressive contents about knowledge, inspiration and experiences from other one. And this blog have comments from follower and they talked together.


Best blog isn’t mean you have too much follower, but your great contents and connections to follower. No blog nominees have too much follower over 1M. The conclusion to tell your blog is great is your followers and your content.

If you are failed, try again next year.



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