Recommended photo place in Bangkok : Siam Square



Recommended lens : 35mm or 50mm*

Recommended time : 17:00-19:00 everyday

Location : Siam Square

*35mm is 23,24mm on APS-C and 17mm for M4/3. 50mm is 35mm on APS-C and 25mm for M4/3.

Long time ago Siam Square is teen zone who new fashions were boomed at here. I don’t know why many teenagers preferred Siam Square is the center of teenager in Bangkok. Since BTS was built, Siam Square was so popular for teenager, and new CD musics with underground or indie songs were sold at here for long time before internet had come. 10 years ago, you can be popular easily if you dress individually at Siam Square street because some photographers from magazine

Back to 10 years ago, since at the transformation age between film camera and digital camera, photographer appointed street models to take photos and published on teen fashion magazine named “CHEEZE”


Now Center Point came back as department store with fashion. 10 years ago was, 10 years later still is. Never change concept of this zone. Although Siam Square is developed to greater, but it still be the greatest zone of fashion forever in Thailand. If you come to this zone with your camera with rangefinder style, someone will request you to take photos.

Why do I recommended you?

Sony a6000 + Geekster 35mm f1.6 (50mm equivalent)

Unique fashions are here. Think about characters in game or anime, that’s it. You see that girl and you know who she is. And they love to walk walk and walk at this place too much. So if you come to Bangkok to seek places to take street photography, I recommend this place.

You can take portrait at here.

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