Recommended photo place in Bangkok : ARTBOX market

22222036_10214591190323311_1879530927590819505_nRecommended lens : 35mm or 50mm*

Recommended time : 17:00-21:00

Location : Suanluang Square

*35mm is 23,24mm on APS-C and 17mm for M4/3. 50mm is 35mm on APS-C and 25mm for M4/3.

ARTBOX market is the pop-up market that products are really expe

nsive, but that’s so in trend. Reason of expensive products on ARTBOX because this flea market is promoted with celebrity on Instagram or real world. Now many Thai people can be celebrity easily. For expensive products, foods, it is made from creative from owner who want different and interested product in this market. In Thailand, ARTBOX will warn everyone on their Facebook page before they will organize.

2017-10-07 11.05.29 1

ARTBOX organizes with limited weekend time, but they doesn’t change place too much. They will change place for only year. Actually, if ARTBOX opened too much weeks, they will be failed for interesting. So new rule of ARTBOX is… Open with only 1 or 2 weeks per month.

2017-10-07 11.05.26 1

This year ARTBOX organized at Suanluang Square. You can go to ARTBOX with arriving BTS National Stadium station and walk though National stadium to the alley inside Chulalongkorn university. Looked like Suanluang Square is brand new landmark at the Chulalongkorn area.

Why ARTBOX is recommended place to take street photography?

This place is really crowded and there have sweet moment you can see at this place. If you’re street photographer, don’t miss this place. You can take candid photos from people who enjoy drinking, eating at this market easily. If you come tonight, light will be everywhere that let you take photos continuously. But if you are street photography that interest perspective line from architecture, this place isn’t recommended for you.



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