Review : Wesley 24mm f1.8


Another lens for beginners is coming!!!

Due to I am budget photographer, I also use manual or legacy lens to take photos and my camera supports manual lens very well. Peaking focus is really badass feature to use on my camera. I use manual focus for beginner for 5 months and that’s really fun to use. But if you have more money, please purchase autofocus lens.

I ever reviewed Fujian 35mm f1.6, the Chinese Daguerreotype Achromat lens and Geekster 35mm f1.6 that are having their character. Geekster is really sharp lens and for versatile usage and Fujian 35mm f1.6 for dreaming usage. But now this queue is “Wesley 24mm f1.8” for APS-C camera named “Sony a6000”

Actually, Wesley 24mm f1.8 is made for Micro four third cameras because it is normal angle, but for APS-C, that’s moderate wide angle that isn’t too wide. So how good with this lens? let’s review it.

It’s 35mm lens on APS-C platform

And no adapter using!! Wesley supports all mirrorless lens mounts, such as M4/3 (Olympus, Panasonic, Yi), E (Sony), X (Fujifilm). I use Sony a6000, but I can’t buy Sony Sonnar T E 24mm f1.8 that is really professional lens for Sony a6000 series for street photography that is so really expensive.

If you get this lens, your Sony a6000 will be superb camera!!

Many street photographers recommend photographers or enthusiasts to use 35mm lens for street photography. And some compact camera use only 35mm lens, such as Fujifilm X100F. For me, using 50mm is easier for taking street photography with human lifestyle, but for 35mm, only human lifestyle isn’t enough. You need landscape, perspective angle to show on your photos.

Build quality is really meh!!

I feel bad when build quality of Wesley 35mm is really loose. Not firm as same as Geekster 35mm f1.6. I adjusted focal length and when I moved to infinity focus, it is so loose. I fear about this lens will be broken. So be careful to focus with this lens.

It’s light, but I fear it will be broken.

Not only build quality, zone focus gauge is useless. I tried to use zone focusing, but gauge on Wesley lens is really wrong and I cannot use with zone focusing well. It’s same as decorating as same as legacy lens.

Have distortion!! Need to fix at Lightroom

Distortion from Wesley 24mm f1.8 isn’t weird. But if you need for professional, please fix distortion on Lightroom or Camera Raw. Distortion is same as little fish eye lens.

Look at distortion!!!

Focus start at 12cm

Great for macros photographer who love to take bees on the flower. Focus start at 12 cm that is really insane. But if you think 12 cm isn’t enough. When you buy Wesley 24mm f1.8, you will get reverse mount ring that you can get superb macro lens for taking flower.

Hard to focus

Wesley 24mm f1.8 isn’t same as Geekster 35mm f1.6 that focusing is really hard when you use f1.8. Although you use focus peaking on my camera, but it doesn’t accurate to do it. When you zoom to look details, it will be blurred. You must use focus magnifier to focus and shoot with this lens.

Great for street photography

24mm on APS-C = 36mm, but it’s similar as 35mm focal length. I tested this lens at Chatuchak weekend market that there are many Chinese people who travel and shopping at here. Result is really impressive.



And I tried to take photos at Silom, Wall Street on Thailand. That’s great result because Silom has many buildings that’s really beautiful if you love building or urban photography.



  • Cheap lens
  • Nice color
  • Cool appearance (support 49mm hood)


  • Bad build quality
  • Manufacture stopped (It will be outdated)
  • Have moderate distortion
  • Focus very hard
  • Useless zone focus

Verdict : 6/10 fair

Recommended for me : Please purchase other lens. New lens will be better.


1 thought on “Review : Wesley 24mm f1.8”

  1. Try to compare to kit lens at the same aperture, found that it is 2/3 of a stop brighter. So if stop down to f4, it is quite usable!

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