“Luck” may be important for street photography

Crow at pavement (I took when I was walking to bus station.)

50% for your skill and 50% for your luck can make your street photography to be beautiful. At film camera era, street photographer purchased more film to take photos and choose best photos, but now, digital camera, you can take photos a lot until memory card is full. But now new memory cards have capacity more than 16GB. That’s greater to take street photography!

Someone ever said “Taking street photography is very hard. It’s not easy as portrait that you take photos and control your model as you want, or landscape photos that place doesn’t move.” I agree this. Street photography is very hard!

But when I take street photos more than 2 months, I think that isn’t very hard, but it can raise my experiences of taking photos too much more than portrait or landscape because street photography can take photos anytime you want with unexpected moments. But not only your great skills of taking photos, you must have “luck” that come from your instinct to take photos. If that time have great moments to shoot, you must shoot immediately or your chance is over. Shoot it and don’t care your memory card.

No perfect in street photography. It come from passion.

Always pick your camera to go anywhere

When you want to take street photography or you come away from your home, hang your camera at your neck or shoulder. Great moments that you can take street photography has only 1 minute or 1 second. When you see something that is interest, turn on your camera and ready to shoot.

Hey!! What is it (At ARTBOX market)

Customize your camera to be easy using, such as enabling “Rule of third” grid. If you have autofocus camera, that is very easy to take photos. But if you don’t have autofocus lens, use zone focus on your manual lens.

Or if you don’t have DSLR or mirrorless camera, smartphone camera can use! Take it and you will edit later.

Get advantage of digital camera

At film camera era, big disadvantages of street photography is use too much film because taking street photography use too much times to take photos. Using film camera, you can take 36 photos and you reload your new film, but digital camera, you can take more than 200 to more than thousand photos.

Sweet moment at ARTBOX.

That means you can take street photography too much until you get your impressive photos and you use them. Don’t care memory card. Take it!!!

Go to crowded places

Street photography is the photography that tell moments in each photos. That means not only person, places, architecture, flower, but each picture must tell with sentences, such as “Couple are looking photos they have taken at camera.” or “People are waiting bus.”

Really candid.

Don’t go to places that nobody. I recommend you to go to urban zone. Coming market at the morning and pick your camera to take photos. See great moment? Turn on and shoot with your instinct.

Observe and take it

Street photographer should be same as you’re playing RPG or open world games that you still finding secret or something in any places. Take more time to stay at each place and observe what people are doing. When you see and you think that’s good composition to take photos, stay it and wait chances to take photos.

2017-10-13 08.35.57 1
Sniper rouge

Street photography is too hard for photographer who ever take with permission. For portrait photography, you must count 1,2,3 to take photos, and taking photos with permission isn’t natural. But street photography, charm comes from taking without permission. You can make ordinal people to be handsome or beautiful with their natural movement that they are taken with photo unexpectedly.

Everything from street photography doesn’t come only from your skill, but your luck, your decision, your instinct. Real street photography comes from moments that don’t set before you take photos. You should have 3 hours per day to take street photography, and you will be professional.





  1. I agree! It’s all chance, sometimes I’ll develop rolls of film with no idea there was anything good and come out with some gems, and conversely I can think I have 15 good photos and be returned 0

  2. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with you! I normally shoot on digital but on occasions I shoot with film as well and that can be a real struggle sometimes! I love it though – I definitely think it’s worth the work

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