35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?

2017-09-15 01.57.08 1

Street photography is one of the funnest photo shooting I have ever taken. I can go to anywhere that have much people and I equip my lovely mirrorless camera to take photos. Because everyone in my photos can be great model! So I love to take a lot.

Before I took street photography, I took promotional model to think I will be portrait photographer. But it had more problems until I gave up, so I went to street photographer and make everyone to be instant model that was so really nice.

2017-10-06 08.55.27 1

But many photographers who want to be street photographer can’t decide to choose best lens for street photography. Someone thinks 35mm is better, but someone thinks 50mm is better. So what is best lens for street photography? Let’s read this.

35mm (Moderate wide angle)

For APS-C, focal length is 24mm and M4/3 is 17mm. Many photographer recommend newbie to purchase 35mm first before buying any lenses. But this lens is hard to find as prime lens. (if you use APS-C camera.) I tried to take photos with my kit lens as 23mm or 24mm and I got nice result.

If you love to shoot building, architecture, different objects you have seen, but people is secondary, 35mm is yours.

Note : Many pancake lenses use this wide angle. 

50mm (Normal angle)

For APS-C, focal length is 35mm and M4/3 is 25mm. Default lens for old SLR lens are 50mm. Leica M10 as commercial always show 50mm lens. 50mm is the most versatile lens that has depth of field to shoot anything and when you find interesting things to shoot. 50mm is nearest human sight so you can shoot easier. And everyone who look your photos feel neutral to see.

For street photography, 50mm is suitable to shoot human life more than architecture. I shoot with 35mm (50mm on Full Frame) and get very great result. Not only shoothing only at street photography, 50mm lens can take portrait photos with depth of field.


35mm is for street photography that focus to landscape more than people. 50mm is for street photography that focus to people than landscape. Which lens is suitable for you? I need you to try focal lengths at your kit lens first. Then take it and compare result with yourself.



  1. Your street shoots (using both lenses) are great! I shoot a lot of street myself around London so it was great to see your photos from a different country! Loved them ❤

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