ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok


Long time I haven’t said about ARTBOX market due to that time I didn’t have my owned camera to take photos. And now many people had owned camera that meant this place is so good to take photos. Actually, many travelers focus to take themselves or their foods they already purchase for uploading in their social network. That’s travelers’ usual mindset.

But for street photographer as me, ARTBOX X ZILINGO market is one of the best place to take street photography due to many people, especially Chinese and Korean. Actually, ARTBOX is international market that ever opened at Singapore, but now this open at Bangkok, Thailand with new places.

This year, ARTBOX opens at Suanluang Square, new landmark at Chulalongkorn university. Actually, I am not Chulalonglorn’s student, so I don’t know this secret place.

2 years ago…

ARTBOX market opened long time, with more than 2 months until it was closed. In 2016, ARTBOX was opened at The Em District. And luckily, I worked at Asok that was at the center of financial zone in Bangkok. And ARTBOX organized at the center of Bangkok too. So after I completely work off, I walked to ARTBOX to look many things. And…

Oh!!! Many people!!! Why!?

(Read ARTBOX 2015 at here.)

Sorry for low quality photos because I used smartphone to take photos.

Last year….

ARTBOX was opened at The Em District near Emporium. This place was one of the greatest place to do any jobs. ARTBOX opened and there were many Chinese and Korean came to this market too much. And that time many delicious foods came to here.

I took photos with my smartphone camera. Yeah, my photos quality was so meh and you will see and say in your head “WTF is that?”

ARTBOX 2016 has 2 phases (Q1 & Q2)

This year…

2017-10-07 11.05.29 1

What are you thinking, ARTBOX? Why do you open at….? Suanluang market… Where is it?

I sought where Suanluang square was. I knew only Suanluang park at near my home. That was big park. But Suanluang square, I never heard it.

2017-10-07 11.05.26 1

Until I sought that name on Google. Google was my best master of the world. I ask to it, it tell immediately. Google gave information of Suanluang Square about this place was brand new community mall for Chulalongkorn student who lived at dormitory. (In Thailand, Chulalongkorn’s student called “นิสิต” (Nisit).) It was similar as Siam Square, but… Not at all. Suanluang square was better. Have photograph area to take it.

Finally, ARTBOX is clever to choose Suanluang Square is organized place in this year.

Foods is most highlighted!

Food zone of ARTBOX is always unique. You need unique foods or drinks that never show at any place? ARTBOX is available. Go to ARTBOX and you will see difference of food and drinks you never imagine.

But foods at ARTBOX never discount. It always be expensive. It starts at 40 Baht. (Average price is 100 Baht.) Every food menu appearance is so different and have charm to eat it. Happy toast is my recommended menu to eat it. It was toast with colorful mozzarella cheese with moderate different taste. Other menu I recommend you to eat cheese. Every cheese is king of foods at ARTBOX.

Fashion is so individual until someone see you and that’s you!


Being yourself is one of the hottest attitude you should have it. I really recommend this because it will tell you easier. Look at anime character. If I ask you what is Luffy? You know immediately about Luffy is a man who wear red cloth and his punch is gum.

Being yourself is the most important to make your life successfully. So your wearing is more important. At ARTBOX, there are many shops to let you dress and wear to be yours. What are you waiting for? Let’s dress it!

One of the best place to take street photography


Street photography is the art of instinct. If you see great shot, shoot it immediately or you wait and that happening is over. One of the best rule of street photography is “including human who do something”. And this place has many people. So feel free to take photos well.

100% of people in this place never forced me to delete my photos. I has never been suspected. So don’t fear to take photos without permission. You take photos for their great natural unexpected posing. Why do you fear?


ARTBOX is available on Oct 5-8 2017 at Suanluang square. I recommend all travelers who come to Bangkok visit this place. Foods are unique for you and you have never seen.

For street photographer, this place I recommend to take photos due to many people come here. And many sweet moments I already have captured.


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