What is mirrorless camera made for?


Micro Four Third camera? Meh!!! That’s not for professional!

APS-C? No! That’s for only new-entry!

You must use full frame!! You must use full-frame!! Full frame is master race!

Stop your belief about full frame sensor size camera is master race that can do everything. Why Micro our Third cameras were born? Because they had advantages that full frame camera can’t.

And APS-C, smaller than full frame, but I think that’s awesome for me. And I decided to use smaller sensors like APS-C or Micro Four Third. And that small sensor were able in mirrorless camera, such as Olympus, Lumix, Sony, Yi, Fujifilm and more. Meanwhile DSLR camera with full frame sensors were used for professional photography job. It was so good but… You should think if you use professional camera to take candid or something at street, you were suspected as “Paparazzi!”

2how, photo Youtuber ever said “I used my Olympus EM-10 Mark II and take portrait photos with someone at India. They allowed me to take, but some Chinese traveler who had DSLR camera with full frame sensor wanted to take photos as candid, but Indian said “NO PHOTO NO NO NO!!!”

Why!!!! That was very great camera… And why didn’t they accept?

You should know meaning of camera shape first. What are friendly, and what aren’t.

Rangefinder : The best friendly camera for stranger, best for street photography or take photo like artist or artisan for photo contest. Best for candid photo style, but low trustworthiness for commercial using because many people understand rangefinder style camera = compact camera although that camera is Leica M10, the most expensive camera ever.

Leica M10, the DRF. Very friendly for taking street photography.

Mirrorless camera with rangefinder style : Sony a6000, a6300, a6500, Fujifilm X-E3, X-E2s, X-Pro 2, Olympus Pen-EPL8, Pen-F, Panasonic Lumix GX85, Leica M series (Actually, Leica M are DRF (Digital Rangefinder) due to Rangefinder system have mirror inside so it isn’t real mirrorless.)

SLR : Like rangefinder, but body aren’t big as DSLR. black color body may not allow to take street, candid due to professional looking. Have trustworthiness for commercial using.

Olympus EM5, SLR style camera.

Mirrorless camera with SLR style : Olympus EM5, EM10, Fujifilm X-T1,2,10,20

DSLR : Very great for commercial usage due to take many photos often due to event photography and too much lens support. Have the best trustworthiness for commercial usage, but may be suspected too much and someplace doesn’t allow DSLR due to take photos for commercializing. Not recommend for street photography with candid style. DSLR style is similar as SLR, but have bigger grip and modern DSLR shape.

Panasonic Lumix GH5 with DSLR style.

Mirrorless camera with DSLR style : Olympus EM1, Panasonic Lumix G85, GH5, Sony a7,7R,7S,7II,9

Know about usage

Commercial usage : You use your camera and lens as your main job for money. Objective of photography come from clients. You must have various lens and support tools, such as soft box, studio, external flash.

Target : Money


Hobby usage : You use your camera for taking photos as your memory or share to your social network that doesn’t focus to money first.

Target : Creating portfolio, Share privately

Artist usage : You use your camera for taking photos as your inspirations and tell to everyone via your social network or art exhibitions. Sometimes photographers sell their photo printing as same as artists who sell paintings. Street photographers are in this genre.

Target : Influencer

Street photographer takes photos as same as artist.


Now mirrorless camera are too much and they have big advantages for your using. So don’t think only full frame sensor camera always be master race. Big cons of small sensor are improved better than you think and full frame sensor camera may have some cons, such as heavy, hard to take very fast things, slower autofocus. They have owned character. Choose your style first and you won’t be sad after you buy camera.


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