Being a photographer like an artist


Why do you buy camera?

Which camera do you choose?

And do you think you buy camera for new business?

First time, I bought camera for making new business. It was freelance job to do after working as employee. I researched many things to buy camera, such as lens or another things. Camera lens was so matter to use. If I bought camera and I didn’t have any suitable lens to take photos, that wasn’t good.

After I bought camera Sony a6000, I took many photos as portfolio for showing my work to let clients contacted me. Now I had 3 clients who contacted to me and working were successful. And I got new connection with manual lens merchants who took care me and gave new information with manual lens. It was affordable price, but I could take photos very well. That was so really beautiful for me. Wow!

That manual lens shop called “Geekster”

Finally, I felt boring to take photos for being beautiful. I needed something that was more advance. Last day I came to art museum that placed at the center of Bangkok. I loved to watched many painting and sculptures that were made from the art inspiration. And now I watched many contested photos that exhibited at the wall of circle. It was so really beautiful for me and I needed to take like that.


Yeah, I need to be a photographer who likes an artist.

But being a photographer like an artist isn’t easy. I have some suggestions to you. Let’s read them.

Big camera isn’t matter


Many photographers who have artist lifestyle don’t focus to big camera. They think that camera is so professional photographer, but not enthusiasts like us. Enthusiasts can be an artists in futures. They take photos because of their happiness, love and passion, but not for money. Many artists who ever be famous in earlier age, they did for their happiness first, and then they focus to money.

Actually, you need to have another job to do, and you take photos as your hobby. But that’s so funny that now hobby will be get more profit because of social network posing. Fame is more important than money. If you have more followers, you will get more jobs. That’s it. More connection to raise your fame, you have big advantage to make your job to see everyone.

Let’s think if you have very big camera (with Full Frame sensor) and you need to take photos anywhere, That was really hard to do. You opened big bag, and your big camera looked like gun that might harm anyone. You shoot with your camera = you shoot with your gun. Professional device may not be friendly as you think. So I recommend you to buy camera that isn’t big too much.

My camera recommendations are mirrorless camera, such as Sony a6000, a6300, a6500, every Fujifilm camera, every Olympus camera (because there shape is so friendly to anyone who you want to take).

Artist is an unique person


Artists don’t focus their photos to be beautiful, but they focus their photos to let other people know that photos were taken by them. It’s really important to you. I feel happy very much when someone know me well and then they come to art museum and they look my photos that are exhibited and they know that pictures are taken by me without seeing my name tag beside my photos.

So how to be this? Don’t worry. It’s not hard and not easy. You take a lot of photos with only one style first, such as if you love to take street photography, you take it a lot and show on your social network. Then you research new photos to improve your skill and take again.

Photo style isn’t only camera angle as you watch. Color tone from photo editing is too. Edit your photos with your color for tell your feeling inside your heart and show it to everyone in this whole world.

Describing is very important


Stop uploading and show your work with minimal description. It shouldn’t be minimized as same as minimal art movement. For Instagram, putting #hashtag should be at the bottom of your description each photos. Every photos are valuable when you put their owned story to let anyone know. Many people are interesting the mystery that already described.

Bad example : Simple word only. You post street photography that some oldies are drinking coffee and you create photo name “DRINK” then you put many hashtags. Worse example may using only Emoji as description. What are you doing?

Good example : Describe how to take this photo. You post your girlfriend portrait photo and you wrote “I really appreciated to take this photos too much. This is a reason why I love her.”

Best example : Imagine character inside your photo. You post dutch baby pancake that eat with your girlfriend and you said ” Ah!!! eat me please!! I am delicious!!! I have blue berry. I have vanilla. I have everything.”

Don’t write too much because social network doesn’t need too much description, but have some simple references.

Social media is make you an influencer

Today if you have very much followers in any social network, when you post something, they watch it immediately. But having too much followers isn’t easy. You need some budgets to invest for advertising until your goal. Many pages that grow up because of advertisement. So advertising have 2 ways, promote via influencer and Facebook.

If you have beautiful or cute friends who have too much followers, try to connect her to take portrait photos. IMPORTANT! Model must tag your Facebook profile or page, or Instagram account to give credit to you. That’s really important. If your model don’t do this, you don’t get any contacts as you want.

Until you are famous.

Keep practice and research new photos and trend everyday

Thank you Pinterest for the greatest social network for inspiration. I have many ideas from this website that fulfill with recommendations from other people. I can see many ideas, such as foods, design, architecture, photography at here. Because looking new photos from other photographer can make you improve your little vision and your sight.

Pinterest – Portrait Photography

Pinterest – Street Photography


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