Is good camera always have full frame sensor size?


First time I researched many information about cameras, that made me felt confused. Many photographers recommended me to buy full frame camera. I saw prices of full frame camera and I made me shocked. They had cost more than 50,000 Baht or above that I couldn’t afford it. So I saw cheaper camera. And my expectations of camera I wanted to purchase was…

  • Have viewfinder (OVF or EVF)
  • Mirrorless camera (I don’t want DSLR)
  • Price below 25,000 Baht or below
  • Rangefinder style

Finally, I chose Sony a6000. I watched and read many review about this camera and looked like this camera worked with manual lens very well with focus magnifier and peaking focus. I thought Sony showed their technology more than the meaning of camera.


I tried to take photos with Sony a6000 and many photos I uploaded and showed in this blog are from Sony a6000. I loved a lot and my decision wasn’t wrong! But for another discussions about Mirrorless camera with M4/3 sensor size were occurred again. Were they good for photography? Why Olympus and Panasonic still used small sensor and their flagship cameras still used M4/3? What were they thinking? Were they mad?

Why Olympus and Panasonic still sell camera with M4/3 sensor size?


If Olympus and Panasonic still sell full frame camera, they will be loser. Result of selling full frame camera is Canon and Nikon who their flagship DSLR cameras use full frame sensor size. They compete together. Meanwhile Sony who have mirrorless camera with full frame sensor size and no another mirrorless camera manufacturers compete it. And now I think…

  • Sony wants to be the king of mirrorless camera with full frame sensor size.
  • Fujifilm wants to be the king of mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor size.
  • Olympus wants to be the king of mirrorless camera for travelling.
  • Panasonic wants to be the minor of Leica. Many Leica lens for M4/3

What cameras do you use for?

This is important question. Why do you want to buy camera?

Tell yourself first. What do you want to take photos? Cute girl? Sweet cheesecake? Dog? Cat? Children? Building? Your idol? Being photographer with artist style isn’t easy. But your interesting to each things is more important.

  • If you love to take cute model, Full frame cameras are answer. (Have very massive depth of field)
  • If you love to take foods, every cameras are answer. But if you’re food blogger, Olympus and Panasonic Lumix is your answer.
  • If you love to take street photography, Every camera except full frame sensor size is answer. (Recommended : Olympus or Fujifilm)
  • If you love to take architecture, every photography that have tilt shift lens are answer.

Advantage of small sensor mirrorless camera.

Big advantages are very portable. You can hang your camera at your neck and you see interested things and you open your camera to shoot immediately. Small camera’s appearance is nice to take candid or street photography. You can call someone and shoot with permission or not. But if you take photo with small camera, no one fear you.

Conclusion : Tell yourself what you buy camera for…


Don’t believe what many people say. Believe yourself and buy as you want. Professional photographers don’t mean about having big camera only. But they use camera for right situation.



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