Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

Due to Miyuki needed to eat desserts at Siam Center, so I needed to recommend her immediately.

Moomin is Finnish cartoon that use Spanish language to dub. I never know well about Moomin, just know only Belle mentioned it. In Pinky Promise, she said about Moomin that it’s eyes looked like her. After that, Moomin advertised in Bangkok to open cafe and one year later, they opened brand name wears named “Baan Moomin”

Both have been opened at Siam Center. Moomin cafe is at 4th floor and Baan Moomin is at 2nd floor. I always pass Moomin cafe when I walk at Siam Center due to it doesn’t let me interest. This cafe is for family, couple or more friends.


Moomin cartoon


And my interesting to Moomin occurred when Miyuki needed to eat desserts at some cafe at Siam.

Actually, I and Miyuki planned to go Mermaid castle, brand new fashion shop with cafe inside that had just opened. But when I came to 4th floor of Mermaid castle that was Cafe, barista said to me “Sorry, cafe has been closed.”

“Really? Why?” Miyuki blamed to me after getting out from Mermaid castle with me. Now she was walking to somewhere at Siam with me.

“I think Mermaid Castle has just opened. So many customers. Let’s choose other cafe at Siam area.”

“OK. And do you have recommendation?”

Moomin Cafe, cafe that you can hug Moomin characters’ dolls.


Sorry about no outside photos. I forgot to take Moomin cafe photos at outside. Miyuki  was very hungry. When I came near Moomin Cafe with Miyuki, she pulled me immediately. I couldn’t take any photos.

“What are you doing? I need to eat anything.” Miyuki said.

“Oh!!! Sorry.”

Inside Moomin cafe, every seats can let you hug Moomin. Background music in Moomin Cafe might be from Moomin original soundtrack from its cartoon due to language that used isn’t English. Feeling of music was same as Doraemon’s opening song. When I and Miyuki sat at the seats, waitress came to us and gave menu to choose. There were many drinks I could choose, and… finally I chose Filly Jong’s Latte and…. Why ice was so red?

For Miyuki, she ordered choco drink. Then I ordered desserts named “Panookie Sweety Camping”. Because of burnt marshmallow. I ordered it. I loved to eat burnt marshmallow very much.

Drink is so expensive, but dessert is moderate.


I ordered Filly Jong’s Latte And I think that’s so very expensive for me. It costed 80 Baht that was so little. But food design was so unique when ice was red. If I poured milk to the glass, Milk was turned to be pink and taste was very very good.

Panookie Sweety Camping

But desserts, I impressed a lot. Panookie Sweety Camping is insanely delicious. With crispy and melted marshmallow, cookie inside marshmallow, that were so really great. Nothing could compared to Panookie Sweety Camping!


  • Very easy to go (with BTS, Siam Station).
  • Not so expensive desserts.
  • Have Moomin doll to hug.


  • Drink is so expensive.
  • Some desserts must wait for long time.
  • Gross price.

Verdict 7/10 (Good)


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