How to edit photos like vintage style

I love vintage photos because it isn’t same as my sight.

Thank you VSCO for making impressive filter to let me take any photos like analog. I ever used analog since I was a child. Method of getting pictures from film camera is so really difficult. But today many photographer still use film camera due to it’s cheap and they don’t good at digital cameras that give very sharp pictures. 

Another fact, rewind to 50 years ago, photographers needed to take photos like their sight as same as artist from medieval or renaissance who needed to paint as same as they saw. But now photographers and other people needed photos that were different from reality. So vintage photo editing I felt impressed very much.

For me, art is “Difference from reality.”

And photos with different hue is an art! So I love to edit photos like vintage style.

How to edit photos like vintage style.

Use Fujian 35mm f1.6 to take photos.


Fujian 35mm f1.6 is CCTV lens that can make miracle for me. But photo quality from CCTV when I don’t edit is really terrible. Fujian 35mm f1.6 has strong character with sharping at the center and blur at the edge of photos as same as using tilt shift filter in Instagram. And bokeh from Fujian is really swirly.


It’s easy if you need to make photos from toy camera.

Download VSCO. It is available on Google Play and App Store.


For me, VSCO is the best photo editing app ever. This app isn’t have nonsense and annoyed ads. You can use free filter and decorate as you can.

Buy Limited Edition Collection.


Limited edition collection like starter preset of VSCO. If you need posting photos for commercial on you social network, please purchase it. This investment is so worth.

Use filter B4.


After you purchased Limited Edition Collection, use filter B4. It is high contrast black and white. For street photography, we need this filter!

Increase grain to 6.0.


Grain is different from noise. Noise is so ugly because red, green, blue dots disturb on photograph, but grain is only monochrome. So if you need to make photos with old style, increase grain and don’t increase ISO.

Sample pictures





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