Future of nightlife society in Thailand

For Thailand, look like government created new law about alcoholic drink control since 2007 and this law I think it is depriving human who has freedom to decide. Why the hell does government control alcoholic drink sale time? What are they thinking?

But now many travelers who came to Thailand wanted to travel at nightclubs a lot. I think many places in Thailand are great to travel. With very beautiful sea and great weather. With market that has many delicious ingredients and cafe. With many art gallery or streets with antique and unique architectures. And very delicious food such as durian is available in Thailand. So this is the charm of Thailand, especially Bangkok.

But if you want to travel nightclub in Bangkok, look like your default mindset about nightclub in Bangkok should be changed. And this article I has written to warn and suggest to everyone who come to Thailand. Forget about Ping Pong show or something out from little cat show. I don’t tell about this. I want to tell only nightclub and EDM places, hangout places you should know to go. OK, let’s go.

Alcoholic drinks law is more strict with nonsense reason (or will be revised with next government).

Due to government wants Thai people avoid from alcoholic drinks, such as showing alcoholic drinks on TV is illegal, cannot sell alcoholic drinks at gas station, school, university, etc. And use important Buddhism days are restricted to sell alcoholic drink due to violate Buddhist common precept number 5 and that is “sin”.

And this will be problem if you’re not Buddhist. For Islam, that isn’t problem because Islam people always avoid alcoholic drinks, but Christian or Atheist who aren’t Buddhist that don’t care about drinking alcoholic drinks cannot drink them in that day and nightclub will be closed! And if important Buddhism day is at Saturday or Sunday, you will be doomed due to that isn’t TGIF as you think.

Damn it!! So this is sample moment.

I am foreigner who come to Bangkok and want to celebrate my birthday (July 7) and my birthday is Friday that I focus to invite my friends at Route 66. Yeah, I come to Route 66 in Friday and you always know Friday is TGIF. There are many people of Friday and I want to celebrate my birthday. But when I come to Route 66, that club doesn’t open. So I ask to bouncer but they say about…



What is Buddhist? What is that? Your culture is stopping celebrating? Who are you?

My friend who was American blamed to me about Thai culture. Actually, new rules about alcoholic drinks has just started for 9 years ago due to accidents from drinking alcoholic drinks. Sadly, government used “culture of Buddhism” as references.

But real fact is many Thai people drink alcoholic drinks too much. Reason of drinking beer or cocktail because easier to talk and hangout together. You drink a little, and talk talk talk. Not drink it all without thinking anything. Actually, Japanese people drink liquor more than Thai but why Japanese doesn’t have accident or crime from drinking alcoholic drink? Why liquor can buy near universities?

Because Japanese drink with responsibility.

Rules of drinking alcoholic drink for another countries (not Islam) are.

  • Don’t drive car or ride motorcycle.
  • Don’t sell alcoholic drink to people under 20 years and below.
  • Don’t ignore to warn someone who drive a car and want to drink.
  • Sho

Too much foreigner customers.

Because Thai Baht currency is so cheaper than another countries so paying with nightlife travel is so easy.

For waitress and waiter, you must talk English well due to now many foreigner customers are a lot.

Alcoholic drinks are more expensive due to fucking tax rate.

Actually, government want too much money from Thai people and many tax income is from alcoholic drinks, but they create campaign about avoiding alcoholic drinks or … Wait… What are you doing?

Many net celebrities still invite you to nightclub.

I don’t know are they hired to invite another customer to nightclub?

RCA and Thonglor won’t be boomed as same as this time.

Now Thonglor will be the place of hangout, RCA will be the place of nightlife but for holiday only.


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