BLOG-GER-DAY Event discussion

I never went to any blog party as same as this. Actually, there were some events that ever went, but that event wasn’t real blogger meeting event. It was Apple fans meeting that had Apple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod, Macbook, etc to discuss and watch Apple event together. That was called “MacThai event.” I ever came to MacThai event due to I wanted to watch WWDC opening and iPhone opening event in 2015. But in 2016 or later, MacThai had not organized Apple user meeting. So I never came to blogger event again.


Finally, the blogger meeting event was started that called “BLOG-GER-DAY” that presented by CPALL, one of the biggest company in Thailand.  BLOG-GER-DAY was organized at VICTOR club, FYI building at Klongtoei zone. I came to FYI to go to VICTOR club easily with BTS skytrain (go to On Nut station) and came to QSNCC station with 3-5 minutes. That time I went to FYI had many people who had just working off and needed to go their residences. Yeah, coming to FYI was rush hour time and this event started 6:00 PM that wasn’t suitable for employees. But now I was freelancer, so time I could adjust them. That was more freedom of time, but not freedom of finance now (in future, I will have freedom of money).


When I arrived at MRT “QSNCC station”, I walked to FYI center. Actually, I never came to FYI center. This was my first time to go and looked like FYI center was the new building for working and business. I walked to elevator to go 2nd floor that organized BLOG-GER-DAY. Then elevator was opened. Inside elevator at FYI was so really hot before I got out. At 2nd floor of FYI building, That was only meeting room called VICTOR club. It wasn’t club as same as nightclub, but it was simple meeting room that the way before going to meeting room, it had counter to drink and eat snacks. After elevator opened at second floor, I saw many bloggers at here. Looked like they wanted to greet me. And reception that welcomed to every bloggers. This event I must had e-ticket to enter. My ticket was at my email that I opened it with my smartphone to let receptionists scanned QR Code. After that, I received limited USB flash drive that made from the wood. It was unique as being my collection.


After I passed from receptionists, I walked to the entrance of event. Many food booth were a lot. I greeted many promotional model that ever met in Car show. They were really nice to meet. Some promotional model cheered me to get all snacks as free. But looked at my bag. Oh! My bag couldn’t handle them all.

“Hey you, get all my snack. It’s all free.” Promotional model said to me when I passed walking from that booth. She was cheering her products to promote all bloggers who came to this event ate them.

“Thank you.” I said and smiled to her. She wasn’t beautiful too much, but her funny moment was so really legendary. Oh yeah!


Then I walked away from that promotional model because my bag was so really big. Actually, my bag was laptop bag that was suitable to move at somewhere. But many snacks will make my back exploded!

And finally, I walked at CPALL reception that promoted about delicious sausages that sell at 7 eleven or CP mart. I stood near CP counter until receptionists invited me to eat their sausage that had premium quality.


“Hi!!! Feel free to taste.”

“Thank you.” I said before picking up tasted sausages from the counter. I was really delicious. Then my friend who was MC said to me. “Is it delicious?”

“Yes.” I answered. “Do you need it?”

“No. Thanks.” She said

After that, CP ALL members greeted me warmly. He wore black cloth and said “Hello.”

“Hi.” I said back.

“Are you blogger?” He asked me.

“Yes. My blog is about urban travelling and digital nomad lifestyle for foreigners who come to Bangkok.” I presented my blog to him. Looked like my story could sell to anyone clearly. That was the law of exchange.

“That’s so interesting! OK. This is my name card. Please contact together.”  He said to me before giving his name card.

After I meet him, Pui said hi to me. She was MC of CPALL.


“Hi. What are you doing?” I asked to her.


“Do you have luck? Let’s pick up some pieces of paper in this box.” Pui said before I put my hand to the cute box that have pieces of paper. But looked like my lucky wasn’t too much. Every paper were blank.

“Don’t be sad. OK, so you get this.” Pui said and gave some hot cup to me. Um…. I need this.

“Thank you.” I said before going to the meeting room.


At the meeting room, there were many people who were bloggers. They talked and exchanged name card together. Many waitress were giving free drinks to bloggers. Looked like that grape juice was so delicious. Ah!!! Fresh! I waited for 20 minutes to start event. Actually, 18:00 started event, but organizer told me event will be started at 18:30 due to many bloggers were employee at somewhere that worked off at 18:00. Before event started, I talked to many people at here. they were bloggers who I just said “Hello”, they saw and greeted to me warmly. That was so great.

30 minutes later, Event started!


MC paced himself to the mini stage. He dressed like someone who were MC at university. That was so long time to remember. MC told about events in BLOG-GER-DAY (in Thai language, ger = meet) that bloggers will meet. First was exchanging name card. Second was lucky draw with free voucher of 7-11. Third was talking about professional blogger named “Khajochi” and last was after party.


Then MC started exchanging name card event. He gave 40 minutes to let bloggers exchanged their name card together. For someone who didn’t have name card, bloggers could write contact on their blank name card that receptionists already gave them. I wrote my contacts to blank name card before giving to bloggers in this event.

But some bloggers already exchanged. I couldn’t exchanged them. I saw to my smartphone to watch friends’ updates on Facebook. Then I continued to exchange name card. I asked about blogger’s blood type and there were many bloggers who have blood type B. What!!!?


Until 40 minutes later, MC walked to stage before he said. “Time up!! Everyone let’s go to meeting room.” Then bloggers walked to the meeting room and sat at blanked seats. Looked like seats weren’t enough to bloggers. But I could sit! Or you can drink at behind meeting room.

And famous blogger named Khajochi told about his experiences of blogger. Actually, I was waiting Fuanglada, woman blogger who review or said about camera, photography and IT gadgets. But finally, Fuanglada didn’t come to here. Only Khajochi came and said about his experiences of blog writing.

I couldn’t hear what Khajochi said well because behind meeting room was so loud. Ah!!! I couldn’t hear that.

Finally, after Khajochi finished talking. Now after party started.


There were many CPALL members who enjoyed with this event.

Pros :

  • I can greet blogger that works as same as this.
  • Finally, I knew many Thai blogger use Facebook page, not Blogger, WordPress.
  • Many frees food and beverages.
  • Get too much connection.
  • Easy to go to this event.

Cons :

  • Too much loud voice from crowd.
  • No seats more.

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