Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

Due to Miyuki needed to eat desserts at Siam Center, so I needed to recommend her immediately. Moomin is Finnish cartoon that use Spanish language to dub. I never know well about Moomin, just know only Belle mentioned it. In Pinky Promise, she said about Moomin that it's eyes looked like her. After that, Moomin… Continue reading Let’s go to Moomin Cafe


How to edit photos like vintage style

I love vintage photos because it isn't same as my sight. Thank you VSCO for making impressive filter to let me take any photos like analog. I ever used analog since I was a child. Method of getting pictures from film camera is so really difficult. But today many photographer still use film camera due… Continue reading How to edit photos like vintage style

Future of nightlife society in Thailand

For Thailand, look like government created new law about alcoholic drink control since 2007 and this law I think it is depriving human who has freedom to decide. Why the hell does government control alcoholic drink sale time? What are they thinking? But now many travelers who came to Thailand wanted to travel at nightclubs… Continue reading Future of nightlife society in Thailand