The COMMONS : The heaven at the center of Thonglor

What do you want?

Do you ever come to Bangkok? 

What do you need? 

Do you need workplace with nature?

This place is calling you!

Congratulations! You’re not salaryman!

After I quit my job at some real estate company, I wanted to be the blogger. Blogger wasn’t easy occupation, but I never gave up to it. That was my last chance. I loved to write blog so much, but looked like I stayed hungry with my wisdom.

I needed a book to read.

Before I went to go to Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon, I opened some Facebook website that told about great community mall called “The COMMONS”. That website reviewed about The COMMONS that was really great to relax or working. And now many people worked at these places often. Today working place wasn’t only at office forever. Office was so great to go, but I felt bored. Sometimes I missed it, but… that was the way of slow lane.

I don’t need it.


Finally, I went to The COMMONS to check, discover and review this place. If this was OK, my default place will be this. If this wasn’t, I will find another place because I felt boring to Siam due to I went with Miyuki too much.

Is this place so good to visit? Let’s read this review now.

You can work with your job at here.


The COMMONS is one of brand new community mall at Bangkok. Due to many people stay at condominium too much and they need some mall that can drink, chit chat or have meals together, so community mall is the solution of urban people now.

And now self-employed lifestyle are boomed and many people who are rich need brainstorm to do something. And where will they do? At office? No!!! They don’t have owned office. Coffee cafe? No way!!! Waitress will let them out. So community mall with some seat and plug are OK.

The COMMONS ready to welcome freelancers, businessmen and investors to go and work at this place for free. But if you need some drinks? There are some cafe at 1st floor has service with you. But if you need some fresh water, there are buckets that are placed in the COMMONS, but you should pay 20 Baht to drink mineral waters from The COMMONS. Actually, paying 20 Baht isn’t forced. It looks like donation due to The COMMONS use money from donation to help someone who live hardly at faraway province.


In Thai, giving the happiness is called “Boon”. As same as giving the will. If you want to help another one at the wasteland, don’t forget to donate with some money and bring water to drink it.

This place is same as nature at the center of metropolis.


Luckily, Bangkok is the city that has been placed at the equator zone of the world. So trees at Bangkok are so tropical. But someplace at Bangkok is same as badlands. There are many concrete forests at here. But luckily, some investors or businessmen need to create the land of nature that as same as osmosis at the center of metropolis. So now many places in Bangkok are decorated with real trees due to it produce fresh air to metropolis.

The COMMONS fulfills with trees, good nature with loft style. When you walk to first floor, you can choose to eat, drink or everything as you need. But if you come to last floor, you can take photos and do something as you want. This place is the land of relax. But sorry, you aren’t allowed to sleep at The COMMONS hahaha. I recommend you to go to the top of The COMMONS because ROAST, delicious cafe is waiting you!

And Thonglor lacks community mall. Residents at Thonglor need community mall as this. In future, condominiums will be built too much at Thonglor and only The EmQuartier or The Emporium aren’t necessary to go due to that are so big. Market at Thonglor doesn’t have so community mall is answer.

Thonglor has too much hangout place. We need The COMMONS. If you come to The COMMONS at night, you still work at here. Thonglor isn’t the land of the night only. When you come to Thonglor at daytime, don’t forget to go to The COMMONS because another hangout place aren’t opened in daytime.

There are many Chinese people came here.


Because Chinese people love to explore new place. Since “Lost in Thailand”, Chinese movie that performed about traveling and losing in Thailand, Chinese were stunned with many places in Thailand a lot and many fruits in Thailand were so really delicious. Chinese love to eat durians a lot. They come to Central World to eat durian when in the durian season.

Now Chinese people live in Thonglor, Phra Kanong too much. But looked like Thonglor is the land of Japanese, rarely Chinese are living at here. I ever come to Phra Kanong and many Chinese are here. And now Phra Kanong has many community malls you can love it.


That day I came to the COMMONS and there were many Chinese people are here because Loft design of the COMMONS is unique. There are many ceiling floor at here. Tonight, DJ from JOOX are coming to open music. Looks like JOOX DJs opens music at community malls. 5 months ago, I ever came to HABITO mall and I saw JOOX counter.

This place is suitable for customers who hold money with x00 Baht.


Sorry for people who eat for 40 Baht. This place isn’t suitable due to foods at here are 200 Baht or more. That was so shocked when many foods are started to 100 Baht. Oh no!!!

Too expensive? Don’t think about it because it is premium quality. I saw many cafe and I got that smell. It was premium coffee. I knew that. Premium coffee had that smell. First time I got that smell, I stopped walking and smelled that. Then I ordered a cup of coffee to drink. And additional things? Bread? Yes!!!

Finally, I paid them 250 Baht!

If you want someplace to work, don’t forget The COMMONS. There are some plug to charge your notebook. KEEP CALM AND GO TO THE COMMONS!



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