DEMO’s story (part 2 | End)

“Why is it so dark?” I asked. Everything around me in DEMO was so very dark. Only candle could be temporal torch in DEMO. There were many people who enjoyed with DEMO’s atmosphere was same as horror movie. Looked like I needed night vision goggle to watch anything.

“Hey!!!” Orn said and she poked me. “I have just reserved our table. That’s it.” After that, she pointed with her finger to that reserved table immediately and embraced me.

“Really? That’s good.” I said and brought her to the table that Orn wanted. Now at Dirty Bar zone, DJ was opening Hip-Hop songs. Actually, I didn’t want to listen hip-hop songs too much, but that DJ opened it for free, so let listen it carefully. Then Orn ordered some liquor and cocktail to drink together.

“You!!” Orn said and she brought a glass of mixed liquor to me.

“Thanks.” I said and received that glass of mixed liquor that Orn mixed it. I smiled and contacted Orn’s eyes. Looked like she was so really kind to me.

“What do you see?” Orn asked again. Looked like she was shy.

“Nothing.” I answered. “Why do you ask me about this?”

“Hey!!! Gazing me make me feel shy.” Orn described. “Don’t gazed this to me again or let me crushed with you.”

“Too much.” I said. “I don’t think anything.”

“Hahahaha.” Orn laughed, but she saw something that let her felt fear. She paced to me and embraced my arm as same as couple. What was that?

“What are you doing?” I asked to Orn.

“My ex-boyfriend.” Orn answered. “He is coming to DEMO.”

“Ex-boyfriend?” I felt confused. Why did she feared her boyfriend? But I ever had my friend that was a girl. Orn wasn’t timid as same as another girl I had ever met. Looked like she dared to do anything as she wanted.

“Follow me.” Orn said and brought me to somewhere in DEMO. She picked my hand and walked without thinking anything.

After that, Orn brought me to the smoking zone near toilet. There were many people who smoke together a lot. But looked like they used electronic cigarette. That smell wasn’t so bad. It was so really better and smoking from their body was too much. Then Orn said me to wait her at the smoking zone before she picked her cigarette to smoke. She ignited it and smoked it immediately. And she brought another cigarette to me. I saw to that cigarette and I didn’t want it.

“No.” I said. “I don’t smoke.”

“Hey! You’re not cool.” Orn said.

“I don’t think smoking is cool. But I think you have something you feel stressed.” I said.

“Hmm?” Orn asked.

“Why do you smoke?” I asked.

“I have smoked for long time since I was high school.” Orn answered. “Although smoking in school is prohibited. But I didn’t care. Why did I stay at the nonsense rule?”

“You smoke because you dare the rule?”

“Not at all. Actually, I feel addicted with cigarette. Cigarette can wipe my stress.” Orn said. “My life isn’t good as you think. And how to pass that? Use this cigarette is answer.”

“That’s bad answer, Orn. It will harm your health. You feel stress? Tell me Orn. You’re not alone.” I said to her.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t let your fake friend like cigarette to control your life.” I said and touched Orn’s hand. “Trust me.”

Orn saw to me and she threw her cigarette to the trash. Her eyes were so sweet and smiled to me. “You’re so cute.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed.

“And why don’t you stop drinking alchoholic drink? That’s same as using cigarette.”

“I don’t addict at it.” I said. “Looked like DJ was playing EDM songs! Let’s go.”


After that, I brought Orn to the main zone of DEMO. There were many people who was dancing together. Now liquor at the table was useless. They didn’t interest to it and enjoy with EDM songs. They danced together and be fun at all. They loved everyone. Everyone in DEMO are only one. Together…


Until breakdown appeared, everyone in DEMO dance, jump and showed their hand and yell together. They saw their eyes and get the society. DJ at DEMO was so awesome. Although he was fat and bad shape, but his sound skill was so magnificent. He was real professor of the DJ. Looked at song he had chosen, he was really clever to choose. He knew harmonization between old song and new song. He let his heart to control the song together. And the result was… he could control everyone in nightclub.

I and Orn danced together. I gazed to Orn’s eyes. Although inside DEMO was so dark, but I knew what was the eyes.

Orn saw to me, and she smiled. I touched her hand together.

After 2:00, DEMO nightclub were closed and everyone wanted to go home. I and Orn got out from DEMO before coming to bus station.

“Thank you for this night.” Orn said.

“Orn. Please don’t smoke because you feel bad. You have your own value. Don’t harm your health more.”

“Why do you take care my health? You’re not my boyfriend.”

“But I worry about you.” I said to Orn. Orn smiled and she said…

“Thank you. Long time no one take care me.”

“Let’s go.” I said and brought Orn to the nearest bus station. Looked like I found it! There were many people who wanted to go home. I saw many people who were waiting TAXI. And TAXI in Bangkok was so really hard to accept journey. I always heard about TAXI in Thai denied passengers due to not enough profit.

Orn brought me to the TAXI and she needed to go her home with TAXI. When she called nearest TAXI, she said to me “Thank you my friend. Look like I will go to another country soon.”

“Where will you go?” I asked to her.

“I will tell you later.” She answered. “Good bye.” After that she paced to the TAXI and close TAXI car door before that TAXI left from me. I saw to that TAXI until it went away. I thought this night was really great when I met Orn. Orn wasn’t perfect girl, but she was limited edition girl I had ever met. She was beautiful, but her habit wasn’t same as her face. But looked like my chemistry between her and me were same. When I contacted to her eyes, my intuition told me that girl thought something about me.

Perhaps nightlife wasn’t alone… When I met someone who has same chemistry.


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