Grease Mon-Sat story

Hello, I’m Rondo.

Today I will say about my love.

Do you think being Casanova or have too much girlfriend and you will be the best men in the world?

First time I think about that, but finally, cheating relationship will get bad result. That result is the dark void in my life.

Actually, I was nerdy guy who ever loved beautiful girl named “Praew.” She was so really cute. I walked to her and said “Hello, I want your phone number”, but she insulted me severely. Until I was sad a lot for a week, then someone invited me to be Casanova. Actually, I was big businessman’s son who had very very big earning. But being Casanova must threw my nerdy lifestyle to the trash. I had bodybuilding, eating vegetables, meats, reading many books, had great lifestyle until I was so popular in grade 12.

After I graduated grade 12, I learned at this place. I saw many girls that was so really nice. I picked up many girls and I got many phone numbers. That was so crazy. I did it! I had 20 phone numbers from beautiful girls. That girls had beautiful smile and friendly. I wanted to hug her!!

Until I was 20 years old. That time I could go to nightclub. Do you think many girls are beautiful in university? No! Because many girls were very beautiful came to nightclub and enjoy together. I went with my friends and I started to hunt a girl! Yes!! You doesn’t misunderstand. I hunted girls for being my temporal girlfriend or you can say “One Night Stand”.

It was so really crazy. Some night I could brought 2 girls and I slept with them. That girls were so same as the angel of the heaven who gave happiness to me. Her skin was so soft and I had sex with them. But after morning in next day, they came out from me. Yeah. My relationship was so really short, but I could had sex with girls that didn’t know me well.

Finally, my crazy lifestyle was ended when my close friend who turned to be my soulmate. She didn’t have big boob, but her heart supported me too much. I had one night stand relationship until my life went to hell, but my girlfriend pull me from the door of hell. She destroyed my fake attitude and gave big hug from her. I cried and I felt bad that cheated her, but she always trusted me.

Thank you my girlfriend.

Finally, Rondo had just finished talking. Actually, he was on air at university radio program named ABAC radio. Today was Valentine’s day that let someone who had experiences of love shared their experiences together. And looked like Rondo was invited to share his experiences to everyone because he was Jane’s girlfriend. Jane was famous net idol who ever was university ambassador since she was freshmen and sophomore. Relationship between Jane and Rondo was so weird and so hard. (You can read their relationship at here. Earlier version : Jane = Dada, Rondo = Toto.) Rondo left from radio room and met his girlfriend, Jane who was waiting him at the first floor of cathedral of learning.

“Hello my love.” Jane said. “Today is Valentine’s day. Do you have something to surprise me?”

“Aren’t you bored?” Rondo asked.


“Why must I tell you? Or you don’t want my surprising?” Rondo asked back. Looked like Jane wanted something…

“Please… But I want to go somewhere.”


Rondo felt himself again, now he was at somewhere at Bangkok. Since he was having lunch with his girlfriend at canteen, that time he wanted to go to somewhere that Jane recommended. This place was so dark, have bright color. Colors that were shining, had RGB colors. Everything was telling to me about he was coming to another world. Looked like he came from real world to digital world with aggressive beats. He couldn’t see anything well. Only blue and purple light, he was seeing them.

And sound? Heavy beat! Rondo couldn’t see anything and hear anything too. What was this place?

Or this place… was new nightclub that Jane wanted to go?

“Is this Grease Mon-Sat?” Rondo asked to Jane when he got out from his car. Now Rondo and Jane were at front of Grease Mon-Sat, the nightclub that had only one passage. It was at Soi Sukhumvit 49 that came to this place for 1 kilometer.

“Yeah.” Jane answered. “I tell you from my GPS application.”

“I never know Thonglor has this nightclub.” Rondo said. “OK. Let’s go.”



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