Review : Fujian 35mm f1.6 “It’s Chinese Daguerreotype Achromat!”

I’m not perfect, but I’m limited edition.

This caption still use in today.

One of the greatest advantage of mirrorless camera was…. Damn it!! I could use legacy lens that former photographer sold them. Many legacy lens could use with manual focus to mirrorless camera that had peaking focus or magnifier focus features.

But… finally, the cheapest lens ever revealed! It was made for CCTV camera that inspected thieves. Looked like some photographers needed to use alternative lens that couldn’t focus to quality, but only limited style it could tell everything about “This lens wasn’t perfect, but limited edition.”

It called “Fujian 35mm f1.6”

Don’t blame photo quality, because it gives alternate beauty.

If you buy Fujian 35mm f1.6 to hope photo quality, you think wrong. Actually, Fujian 35mm f1.6 doesn’t make for taking photos due to it is CCTV camera lens, but some photographers who tried to use CCTV lens with using lens adapter took photos and sell with very cheap price. It was 1,240 THB (approximately $40)!!! Oh yeah!! Why is this lens so cheap?


So don’t hope sharpness of photos from this lens, but care alternative features from this lens. due to normal or high end lens never give this quality to photography. This feature was same as using Toy lens such as Holga or Lomography. Although only lens can’t make different photography style, but now you can put it to VSCO and edit to post at IG or Facebook.

Lens characteristic is same as using tilt shift effect in IG, but it could use better when you use with taking any object photos and you want more depth of field.

Portrait photos

Due to this lens has focus at the center, so portrait photography could use only headshot. You can’t take with full body shot or model’s face will be blurred.

I don’t have more portrait photos from Fujian 35mm f1.6 due to my personal model doesn’t love my photos with Fujian 35mm f1.6. But many street photos are waiting you to see. Let’s see street photos.


DSC005412017-04-26 05.46.57 1

Street photos

Actually, this lens isn’t suitable for street photos too much. If you need this lens to take street photos (especially architecture or building), you shouldn’t use this lens immediately, but you can use this lens when you take candid photos. This lens perform very well more than I think. Lens blurring extends more blur as same as using 50mm lens. This lens can use at the night, but beware direct light to this lens.

Aware direct lights or your photography will have mysterious flare.

But I think this flare or unexpected hightlight can make atmosphere well. Big flaw of Fujian 35mm f1.6 is direct light problem. If direct light shine to this lens directly, it will have mysterious flare that wipe more details on photography.

If you shoot to the sunlight, flare and glare will appear.


This lens is alternative lens that if your customer needs different photo that doesn’t care photo quality too much, this lens is your answer. Or if you need some lens to take and share on your social network, Fujian 35mm f1.6 is my recommended choice to you.


  • Cheap lens price
  • Lens shape as same as pancake lens (very good when you use rangefinder style mirrorless camera due to rangefinder camera lens isn’t too long and big.)
  • Swirly bokeh
  • Camera shape as same as rangefinder camera. It’s cool.
  • Extended blur


  • No zone focus gauge on lens.
  • Cannot use as commercial directly.
  • Meh lens quality.
  • Focus range start 50cm.
  • Direct light issue.

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