DEMO’s story

Long time I never came to DEMO because I ever had some problems with someone in DEMO. I walked around DEMO and I was inspected to be snatcher. On No!!! What where they thinking?

“You!!! come here.” Bouncer said to me. I was walking to my friend who was dancing at the floor. Looked like he was inspecting me insanely. But I came to him and said. “What’s wrong?”

“Look like you’re snatcher.” He said. Huh? Am I snatcher? What were you thinking? Or my dressing wasn’t good? I saw to my clothes and trousers. That was so good. Or something went wrong?

“Hey hey hey hey!!!” I said.

“But your appearance make someone misunderstand you and make our nightclub is humiliation.” Bouncer described again before I saw to my friend who was waving her hand and I said.

“My friend is calling me.” I said to bouncer.

“Get out of here or I force you?” Bouncer forced me and tried to push me out. I evaded them and ran to Dirty Bar that my friends were dancing together. After I met my friends again, Mike asked me “What was you doing? I have been waiting you long time.”

“I have problem with some bouncer. They accused me I’m snatcher.” I answered truly. That was so insane.

“Really? Why was you accused with that? Or your dressing was bad?” Mike asked me.

“I don’t know.” I said before Jazz came to our table. She was my friend who was really beautiful with Chinese style. Her eyes were small but her smile was so really beautiful. She had long hair and wore black clothes. So her skin was so bright!

“Jazz.” Mike asked to Jazz. “Today you’re so sexy.”

“Thanks my friend. I need some handsome men to talk with me. Look like today handsome men will come to DEMO.”

After that, my friend talked together and they danced with Hip-Hop style. Looked like this day was so fun.

But… 3 years later… Funky Villa was burnt.

And DEMO was changed to be better.

Finally, my lovely friends named Orn who learned at famous international university appointed me to DEMO, Thonglor to say something. That time was 5:00 PM and I was wandering at The EmQuartier. Today looked like famous members from BNK48 were on air at their Live Studio. BNK48’s fans that called “Ota”. They were cheering their Oshiteru Member (Member that I love.) For Japanese who support AKB48, he felt envious to Thai fans that had Digital Live Studio that Ota could near members more than AKB48 in Japan. Many people tried to take member photos a lot.

Then looked like Orn called to me. My phones was ringing before I received her call.

“Hello Orn.” I said.

“Where are you?” Orn asked.

“The EmQuartier.” I answered.


“The EmQuartier…? What are you doing?”

“Wandering. I wander before coming to DEMO.” I answered. “Actually, it has great view to go.”

“Great views? Where?” Orn asked again.

“If you come to 6th floor of Helix building, you will go to the garden at the EmQuarter.” I answered.

“Um… I see.” Orn said.

“Where are you?” I asked to her again.

“I was talking with clients. My clients are dealing with my job.” Orn answered.

“OK. So tonight we will meet together. See you.”

“Yeah. Good  bye.” Orn said before she hung up. Then I walked to 6th floor to see the Bangkok at very high building zone again. I ever came to 6th floor and see around them. Actually, at Bangkok, there were ever bad traffic for long time. Sukhumvit road never had good traffic except holidays (New year, Songkran).

4 hours later.

“Hey! Where are you?” Orn called to me again. Now I was walking at the Sukhumvit Soi 49. There were many cars at here. Yeah, Sukhumvit road was bad traffic that made any alleys had problem too.


“I’m walking.” I answered and saw around me. This alley was so dangerous.

“Really?” Orn asked to me again.


“Don’t tell me you’re walking to Thonglor. Are you crazy?”

“That’s usual. I love to walk more than using motorcycle.”

“I see. Don’t be late or I will leave you.”

Damn it! Orn was so very strict. She was international student that loved to work and her attitude was so hardened. No mercy with her. If someone cancelled to go with her, she agreed and did another target. She didn’t care someone well.

“OK OK OK!!” I said and hung up before I walked faster as I can.

But my fast walking couldn’t take photos beside me. Sukhumvit Soi 49 avenue had many beautiful cafe that fulfilled lifestyle to be the greatest. Many Japanese were living at here and they loved to eat Japanese food at Japanese restaurant with their couple or coworkers. This avenue was so far away to go to Thonglor but this avenue was the beginning of the land of lifestyle at the center of Bangkok. Thonglor was one of the most expensive land price in Bangkok.


Until I walked away from Thonglor and started to go to nightlife zone. Damn it!! That was so very far. I kept walking from Thonglor soi 13 to Thonglor soi 10. I needed to cross the road and looked like today was Friday. With bad traffic problem was the good chance to cross the road safety.  I crossed immediately before running to Thonglor soi 10. There were many Japanese who were coming and eating at Nakiya Japanese restaurant.

Then I came to Thonglor soi 10 and started to go to DEMO. And now Orn was calling to me again.

“Hey!!! Where are you?” She asked me again.

“I’m coming! I have passed Thonglor soi 10.”


“Good baby! Now I was waiting for you. So let’s go together.” Orn said and hung up immediately. Meanwhile I had passed MUGENDAI and kept running to DEMO that was far away approximately 500 meters.

Until I met Orn.


“Hey!!! What’s up? Why did you walk? Not use motorcycle?”

“No! I love to walk more than use them.” I answered before she opened her wallet to pick her national ID card to bring with bouncers.

“Do you have national ID card?” Orn asked.

“It always be with me.” I answered.

“Very good.” Orn said then she came with me to enter DEMO nightclub. Looked like DEMO in today was so darker than usual.

To be continued.


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