Passion of street photography

I love to take photos.

Since I had my smartphone that photo quality was good.

But I want real camera.

Processed with VSCO with x6 preset

I bought Sony a6000 at April 2017 and started to take photos everywhere. First, I took my friend named Miyuki because she wanted my photos that took her. Actually, she loved herself, such as her photos, her selfie due to she was Net idol to sell skin care or cosmetics on social network. But in real life, I didn’t take Miyuki’s photos all of time per day. And sometimes Miyuki wasn’t available to let me taking photos, so I thought to take some photos.

Portrait? Looked like I needed connecting another model to take it with free. But many model they weren’t my friend, so appointing her = you must pay money to her first. And looked like that was so expensive. I hired 3,000 THB to take photos. Oh no!

Finally, I watched many photos on Pinterest for searching and learning how to take photos well. And many street photos were so stunned. That were very beautiful. I saw many photos on Pinterest and I saved them to be references with another work.

Processed with VSCO with x5 preset

Many street photos I had ever watched were taken at another countries that streets were so clean, many people walked and no electricity post as same as Bangkok. I tried to take street photography at Phra Nakron, Yao Warat and looked like that was so bad. Oh no! What was that? There were many electricity posts at the pavement.

Processed with VSCO with p7 preset

After I took streets photos on Yao Warat zone, I came back to my home with MRT and BTS skytrain in evening. In Bangkok, rush hour in evening was very insane because traffic jammed heavily and there were many passengers in MRT and BTS system. Using top up card was easier. I could pass without exchanging bank notes to coins and insert entry card vendor. For BTS, vendor system was big problem on Bangkok. Meanwhile MRT was advanced to use entry-coin vendor machine that received bank-note an coins. Although BTS had vendors machine that received bank note and coins, but it had a few.


After I was survived from insane Bangkok transport system, I came to my home and checked my photos I had taken. I opened the door with key before smell of rain was coming. That wind… Oh!! I could know the rain was coming. And…


Finally, it was raining insanely. Now Bangkok had raining at night often. I couldn’t come to nightclub to take any photos well. That was very crazy. If I came lately, my body was wet and my camera was broken with moisturized.

“Damn it! F****** rain!” I blamed after rain was raining.

Then I imported every photos I was taken on my smartphone. The best advantage of camera that launched in this time was having “Sending via WiFi” feature. I could import photos to my smartphone and I could publish to my Facebook, Facebook pages, Instagram, LINE easily. Looked like importing to computer first was ended. And importing to smartphone could auto upload to my cloud storage. So I could use photos on my blog easily.

Many street photos I was taken had happening moments. It was just happened. And many candid photos were in street photo genre. There were natural looking until I was stunned.

All photos were taken with Sony a6000 + Geekster 35mm f1.6. No editing


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