Edit photos like photos from film camera

Now many camera was digital, not film as same as past, but some photographers wants film camera to use due to they’re good at film camera. They says that’s suitable for me.

True fact of film camera was… full frame sensor with affordable price.

For digital camera, full frame was so really expensive. Their price was over than 40,000 THB or later (average 60,000). But full frame camera had very great image quality. Meanwhile some people was passionate to make their photos as same as coming from film camera. I was too.

In Thailand, Thai people had some trend about lifestyle that was so very great. It called “Hipster” that had different lifestyle, simple, chill, make everything easy, don’t think too much and individual. They loved to drink coffee with real coffee, not instant coffee with 3 in 1. Some hipsters tried to be hipster although he was another lifestyle. They were “Wannabe”. Actually, being hipster was too much expensive to pay each days, such as organic foods, organic coffee, owned bicycle, too much facial hair, different dress style, etc.


But one thing I felt loved from hipster lifestyle was “taking photos” style. They took with different composition and didn’t tell something clearly. I saw many photos with hipster style and I couldn’t know what they tell about clearly because their photos weren’t have description or have only emoji description.

Not only camera angle, color was different. Since Instagram was debuted in this world, they wanted to take photos with different filter and many people loved to take photos with having filters. But I thought best filter of Instagram was X-Pro II due to that time I love to take with Lomography style.

But new trend of editing photos was changed. Lomography style wasn’t trended. Now VSCO style with too much fade photos was trended due to Thai Net Idol customized this tone until her Instagram was boomed too much.

Finally… I interest film style and using VSCO application. So let’s tell how to edit photos like from Film camera.



Download VSCO application on App Store and Google Play Store. VSCO was one of the best photo editing on smartphone I’ve ever seen.

To edit photos, you must import photos from your smartphone first. For camera, if you have sending via WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth, you import it first.

Purchase “Limited edition collection”.


Limited Edition bundle filter is the best bundle when you have VSCO. Purchase it for $10 or less (if you buy with discount.)

Choose filter as you want.

Add grain to 4.5 to 6. This is passion of film photography


Not only different colors from filter to make as film, grain was important. Film camera had a lot of grain that have vintage feeling.

If you don’t want to purchase “Limited edition collection”, try free filter

But don’t forget to add grain. Actually, adding grain isn’t suitable for portrait who model want sharp details.

Let’s see the difference of non-grain and have grain.

Left doesn’t put grain, but right does.

I sent photos to my friends and let he decide, many friends said about adding grain was better, but couldn’t use as commercial well due to photo quality was same as 80’s or 90’s magazine ads. Now this time was 2017, not 1993. I agreed my friend’s opinion and many people thought with this.

But I loved film photography style more than photos with very sharp quality. It had passionate and real lively in each photos. Concept of film photography was not perfect, but limited edition. Limited edition was every photography had owned attraction. As same as painting that wasn’t same as in real life.

Color, tone and everything…. That make me love it.

More image with film photography style

Actually, film grain isn’t same as digital noise.

Film grain was monochromatic, but digital noise had red, green and blue dots inside photos. If you want to raise high ISO to get great film grain, don’t do this. It was so terrible.


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