When mirrorless camera is the future

I’m not sure am I real photographer?

Real photographer must use Canon or Nikon?

Or ever used film camera?

“Hey you!!! You use this toy camera? Back off! I want to take first.” I was blamed by photographer who took promotional model. He used some DSLR named Nikon and looked like this shape wasn’t small and big. His shoot posing was so professional. Wow!!! That was passionate and he was really cool! I thought this habit wasn’t good too much. Many people blamed a lot in webboard about this bad photographer’s habit. Not only me that was approached with this, but some people thought this was so serious.

Or some photographers insulted new photographer about camera. Because they used film camera that was so cool and get more mood to perform from each photos. I was agreed with film quality. That was so really great. Many digital cameras collected sharp and great pictures, but wasn’t used for commercial well.

I thought every cameras had characteristic and I used camera because my personalities. I loved to take photos on the street or some portrait with travel feeling. Mood of taking photos when I was travelling was so awesome. I traveled for relax, but photography wasn’t professional, but lively.

Perhaps I wanna own some film camera. But darkroom in Bangkok is very hard to find.

Actually, camera manufacturers focus target group to women.

I came to Siam Zone often since I was at Bangkok. Sometimes I went to 4th floor of Siam Paragon to see and try camera that was shown at camera shop. There were many cameras that I could try. But I thought many cameras were made for people who didn’t use camera as photographer.

Many entry-level camera were a lot, such as Fujifilm XA-3, Panasonic Lumix GF9, Olympus e-pl8 and Sony a5100. All camera I referred were mirrorless camera that Fujifilm and Sony used APS-C sensor size (1.5x) and Olympus, Panasonic used Mircro Four Third sensor size (2x). I ever taken photos with these camera and looked like these could use easier than I thought, but professional function was limited. I could change lens and many Olympus and Panasonic lens were so smaller due to Micro Four Third sensor.

And entry-level cameras could turn live view to selfie. Mirrorless camera could take advantages than compact camera for selfie only due to bigger sensor and use more than taking selfie photos. So this was camera manufacturer’s sales point.

In Thailand, Fujifilm XA-3 had nice presenters. And many photographer bloggers reviewed this camera until this camera was very popular in Thailand due to very cool looking for girl.


More thin shape

Mirrorless camera looked like SLR or Rangefinder camera with using film. Because mirrorless camera system was so smaller than DSLR that had fat and big shape, so this was important sell-point. Classic SLR or Rangefinder camera with 35mm film was so tiny and small, and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras had vintage shape camera such as Rangefinder or SLR.


I didn’t know why many modern DSLR camera were fat?

But new mirrorless camera will be more expensive.

Due to customers focus to mirrorless camera, so it will me more expensive with more powerful features. And camera manufacturing wasn’t easy. It had many details to build each cameras. Now many women had power to buy some mirrorless cameras. So camera manufacturers dared to invent new mirrorless camera with high specifications and increase price.

Fujifilm X-T20 mirrorless camera
Fujifilm X-T20 mirrorless camera


I’ve ever said about mirrorless camera and lens wasn’t cheap as you think. Price was same as semi-pro DSLR camera. I was shocked when DSLR lens was cheaper. So think carefully about your first camera.

Battery issues will be fixed in the future.

Big flaw of mirrorless camera is battery using is very much for viewing with EVF or live view. I saw many mirrorless camera review, such as Sony a6000, Fujifilm XT-20 or Panasonic Lumix and I saw taking photo specification that was so little. Maximum battery life I could take photos weren’t more than 400 shots. Meanwhile DSLR cameras could take more than 600 shots because looking OVF didn’t use battery.

Say about EVF

But EVF from mirrorless camera could get pictures as same as pictures I was taken. (WYSIWYG). If I took photos at dark place, I will see a lot of noise on EVF and noise on photo was same as I saw. But If I took photos via OVF from DSLR, Picture I had seen with OVF wasn’t same as picture I was taken.

And OVF has big advantage about manual focus assistant. You can see peaking focus or focus magnifier on EVF, but OVF couldn’t do this, but you can replace focus screen on DSLR to focus like old SLR camera. (optional)

Some mirrorless camera is great performance in the entry-level appearance.

Some camera wasn’t allowed to bring and enter to some events. Many people thought about DSLR = professional camera but didn’t think what it used APS-C sensor size. But irony of camera society was Rangefinder camera = compact camera. Oh!!!

So I chose rangefinder style camera first. For SLR or DSLR style, I didn’t choose it. And many mirrorless camera gave very high quality pictures. Wow!!! That’s so cool.

Camera for commercial using is

  • Have viewfinder (OVF or EVF, but I prefer EVF)
  • Sensor size is Micro Four Third or bigger (I recommend APS-C)
  • Can change lens
  • Have hot shoe
  • Support manual focus assistant
  • Can adjust exposure
  • Have customized buttons
  • Can send via WiFi (this is important to let client see it easier.)

Now Sony a9 is the achievement to tell about mirrorless camera isn’t toy or only entry-level camera. But new camera always had expensive price. So you think carefully to buy some camera.


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