The charm of legacy (manual focus) lens

“Damn it!” I blamed when I saw Sony lens’ price. It was so really expensive. I thought mirrorless camera’s lens should be cheaper, but… That wasn’t.

“How can I get prime lens to take portrait photos?” I asked to myself. I needed some lens that can take portraits. That day I bought camera to use as professional…. with this mirrorless camera.

Actually, Sony camera lens were so really expensive. And APS-C camera lens were so less. Another good lens were used with full frame sensor camera, such as Sony a7-II, Sony a9. I ever tried Sony professional lens. Those lens were so big and really expensive a lot, but quality of photos were superb.


Sony E mount lens that is so really expensive.


But… I thought it should have another way to get cheaper lens. I thought about it.

After I bought Sony a6000, I came back to home immediately without visiting somewhere to charge battery. Charging time was so really too much. It used 3 hours to fully charged. When my camera battery was charged fully, I inserted SD card and started to take photos.

First photos I ever took, that quality was higher than smartphone camera, but wide camera angle was same as smartphone camera. It was wide but wasn’t wide too much. I thought this camera could take very fun as I thought.

But, problem was…. I needed some lens that had wide aperture.

Until I opened my computer to find this solution. I typed “cheap lens” and I saw “legacy lens or brand new manual focus lens”. And I saw that price… Holy shit!!!!! That price was incredible and good for beginner. And picture quality was really awesome and very great. It called “Geekster 35mm f1.6“. Actually, Geekster 35mm f1.7 was very good, but that was Meike’s Thai brand. Until Geekster launched new lens that fixed issues, such as distortions.

Legacy lens

Finally, I decided to buy Geekster 35mm f1.6, brand new lens. This lens was so really good!! Very Very good! I saw mini review on Geekster’s Facebook page and many pictures from Geekster 35mm f1.6 were really great. OK!!! I decided to buy this lens!

2017-07-13 (1)
Geekster’s Facebook page.

“How about that?”

Geekster shop owner asked to me when I was trying Geekster lens. I tried to take photos around the shop. And quality was so superb! I decided to use this lens!

“Very great!” I complimented to Geekster owner. “That’s so good!”

Then I purchased this lens and take many photos. First time I tried using manual lens, that was hard to focus. I practiced to take with many object. I took Miyuki and she still support me. Until I felt in loved to legacy lens. That was suitable for me!

OK. I will share my experiences when I have used legacy lens.

Sometimes autofocus system doesn’t perform well in night.

I love to take photos and I really love to go to nightclub. Every Friday night I always came to nightclub at Thonglor. Before I went to nightclub, I came to hangout place first for trying take photos with manual prime lens.

72 Courtyard at daytime

I went to 72 courtyard lonely. That place was so freaking awesome. 72 courtyard was brand new place for hanging out. When I came to front of 72 courtyard, I prepared to take any photos with Geekster 35mm f1.6. Looked like many girls were coming to reserve tables. They chatted together for waiting another friends.

“I think rain will fall soon.” Some girl in these group said to her friend. I saw above to sky and looked like sky had red cloud that covering the black sky. After that, rain smell was coming with crazy wind. and blow me crazily.

“Shit! Why is this wind so crazy?”  I asked.

But I started to opened my camera and took photos with Geekster 35mm. I could focus and have very high accurate. With very wide aperture (f1.6) can compensate shutter speed and ISO to take photo easier. I used f1.6 to take photos at night. I could do it without using tripod.

Lens shape is so vintage and beautiful.

After I bought Geekster 35mm f1.6, I went to my home before I compared appearance of manual lens and Sony lens. And….

“Shit!” I exclaimed before I saw Sony lens. “Why Sony lens design was so…. neat?”

Sony lens design was so neat a lot. As same as simple cylinder. Or new generation of lens was so cylindrical? And Sony lens were 100% digitized to calculate focus. You cannot use Sony lens to another camera because manual focus ring of Sony lens could spin infinity. Focus indicator wasn’t determined on Sony lens.


But I didn’t object fast autofocus of Sony camera. Sony camera + Sony lens = best camera for autofocus ever.

And looked like new age mirrorless camera were made for supporting legacy lens (with adapter). Old camera couldn’t use, but lens still can be used!

I practice focusing with manual focus to really fast. That was so really enjoyable! I spun focus ring faster and focus immediately as same as autofocus. But too hard to do it. So let’s practice.

Less battery using.

This photo is taken with Sony a6000 + Kit lens that use battery more than legacy lens.

First film camera wasn’t use with battery. It was used with mechanism. Everything was mechanical used. So legacy lens were mechanism too.

Someday I took photos with Geekster 35mm f1.6 since morning to afternoon. I took since I was at BTS Udomsuk station to MRT Hua Lampong station. Then I took a lot when I was Yao Warat with more than 200 photos in a row. Many people and nice place let me took a lot.

Then I walked to Ratchadumnoen road and took photos in Phra Nakorn district for 100 photos. Now I took more than 300 photos. Looked like I should check camera battery now.

“Huh? Why is battery remain 50%. It should be 20% or more…?” I asked to myself.


Actually, legacy lens doesn’t drain battery too much because autofocus ability need battery to do it. If you use legacy lens, battery consumption occurs with taking photos, live view or EVF standby.

When I was coming to Siam, Miyuki called me via LINE.

“Hello Camp.” Miyuki said. “Where are you?”

“I’m coming to Siam.” I answered.

“Siam? That’s good! Let me go too.” Huh? Miyuki want to go to Siam?

“Yeah. And where are you?” I asked to Miyuki. Now I was walking to Siam Paragon with secret way.

“At BTS. See you in 20 minutes.” Miyuki said.

After that, I came to Siam Paragon quickly. I knew when Miyuki came, she will let me take photos. And battery remain 50%, that’s enough to take Miyuki’s photos. Legacy lens can save battery very well.

Cheap price, but photo quality is very high.

I ever tried real legacy lens at Mega Plaza 5th floor. Actually, this place was the land of game console and model figure. I cross the road with walking bridge before coming to 2nd floor of Mega Plaza. When I entered to it, I saw many game console shop at here. Looked like this place was only game console, BB Gun or figure? No.

I ever heard some users on webboard said “Want legacy lens? Let’s go to 5th floor of Mega Plaza and you will see the another world”, but I never came to this place due to time when I was working never came to Phra Nakorn district. And last week I came to Bangkok, so this time was good time to meet Mega Plaza.

I went to 5th floor of Mega Plaza. First appearance was many figure shop until I gave up to find legacy lens. But my explorer habit was inside my heart, so I came to left side of 5th first. Until I found legacy lens that was selling at here.

“Which one do you want?” Merchant asked to me when I came to near that shop.

“I just watch some prime lens that has focal length 50mm and large aperture.” I answered.

“That’s it. I have lens you decide. May you try it?” Merchant asked me again.

“Yeah.” I answered and thought a lot because I never found shop that let customer tried goods too much. Then merchant put legacy lens to adapter and put it in my camera. Then I took some photos and I felt different than my new 35mm manual lens.

“How do you feel?” Merchant asked to me.

“I think this lens was mechanical 100% Focusing is so simple and aperture adjustment is good.” I said. “And how much is it?”

Photos with 50mm f1.4 legacy lens.

“This lens is 4,500 THB.” Merchant answered. “And this lens is 3,500 THB. Do you want to try more?”


Then I tried another legacy lens. I felt in love with these lens due to it liked vintage photos that my father ever took. Some lens had swirly bokeh. So if you think modern lens was so very expensive, try legacy lens.


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