Fuku intown review

Long time I had never eaten buffet. Last buffet I had ever eaten, that was Mu kratha with my family at another province. When I ate Mu kratha, my mom always requested me to give sausage set and ingredients to the table. And Mu kratha in Thailand was popular buffet in Thailand due to some buffet shop had steak, grilled pork, grilled squid. I ate that and I felt happy very much!!!

But Mu kratha had very fat that made me obese.

So I was given up to buffet.

6 months later.

This day I quit my job from real estate company at Asok. I felt bad when I saw back to my former workplace that was “Interchange21 Tower”. I shouldn’t turn back to this place again. I walked forward to the BTS skytrain Asok station immediately. There were many people who still came to Interchange 21 and Exchange tower that was working tower at the Asok. I walked reversely.


Then someone sent messages in LINE application. I unlocked my phone before I looked who sent message.

Orn : Hey!!! Where are you?

Then I sent message to reply Orn immediately.

I : I’m at BTS Asok Station.

Orn : Really? So do you really think to quit?

I : Of course. I don’t know why I am employee for?

Orn : I see. Let’s be free together. Don’t ponder.

After Orn stopped sending messages, I walked and held my bag to the meeting point. Then BTS skytrain arrived and opened its doors. I walked into it and waited for BTS closed. I saw many people who came here and talked loudly. Looked like they came from China. Their face were so Asian and their dressing style was so Chinese.

I didn’t know what Chinese people talked about, but their sound was very loud than I thought. I didn’t blame to them because Chinese’s talking cultures were so loud as this.

Next station… Siam. Interchage with Silom Line.

Finally, BTS skytrain was arrived to Siam Station. It stopped and doors opened. Many people who wanted to get out from BTS skytrain were trying to run to next BTS skytrain for going to Silom line. Chaos of BTS was so generic until I saw it as usual.

Orn : Where are you?

I : At first entrance of Siam Paragon.

Orn : Yeah. Please wait at here. I will meet you.

After Orn finished sending messages, I still waited at the entrance of the Siam Paragon. Many Chinese people were coming to this place. Looked like some bloggers reviewed and recommended Chinese people to go this place.

3 minutes later…

“Hey you!”

Finally, Orn said hello and she waved her hand for greeting me. I heard Orn’s voice and I moved my head to that direction. That was Orn.

“Orn!!! Let’s go.”

Going to Fuku Intown


“So where branch do you choose?” Orn asked. Actually, Orn wanted to eat Sushi buffet at Fuku Intown, but she didn’t know Fuku Intown had 2 branches. I only knew Fuku Intown at the brance near escalator. So I brought Orn to go to that branch.

I and Orn walked from 3rd floor of Center Point until we went downstairs.

An yes! Oh yeah! Seats weren’t fulled. I and Orn came to the seats that was at inside this buffet restaurant. I saw many people who ate buffet insanely. And my mindset about every buffet restaurant, there were some obese people who ate was true.

Then I sat with Orn. Orn picked ordered paper and pen to order sushi.

“Which sushi do you want?” Orn asked.

“Are that sushi have cheese?” I don’t know why I stunt with cheese a lot?

“No. But this beef is so awesome? Do you need one?” Orn asked again.

“Beef? Yeah. I order it.”  I said and Orn wrote on ordered paper and she gave marked order paper to waitress before she sent it to chef.

Finally, that sushi was coming!

Before I ate sushi, I tried this seaweed first.


Taste of Sushi is so good, but feel meh to Japanese rice


When sushi came to the dish, I picked sushi with beef with my chopstick and dipped Shoyu sauce on the small bowl before I put it into my mouth.

“How about that?” Orn asked to me.

I chewed this piece of sushi and wanted to know this taste. Finally, I felt…


Holy shit!!! THIS BEEF IS SO GOOD, BUT….

“What happened with you?” Orn asked me when I had unusual face.

“I’m disappointed with rice.” I answered. “Looks like rice isn’t soft as you think. But beef is so very good.”

“Really? But let’s eat this salmon!” Orn smiled to me and she wanted me to eat this salmon in this bowl. Looked like salmon was cooked with spicy. Then I picked salmon into Shoyu sauce and ate it.

“How about that?” Orn asked.

I thought meats in this buffet restaurant was awesome. Salmon meat was very soft, but not too much. And it was cooked with spice, that taste wasn’t so bad.

Free soft drinks

“Do you need another drink? That’s free.” Orn said.

“Yeah.” I said and went to the drinks refill zone before I refilled my drink again.

I thought free drink refill was one of the greatest advantage in Fuku Intown. You need different drink? That’s you want.

Stair to heaven, one of the signature menu



One of the signature menu of Fuku Intown was “Stair to heaven”. But when this thing was served on my table. I thought that was so same. Nothing different. Salmon sushi again.

“Finally, Stair to heaven appeared. Let’s eat this.”

But… looked like Orn didn’t help me to eat sushi. She ordered sushi to let me eat eat and eat a lot. What are you doing, Orn?

Until I came to toilet to puke everything on my stomach! And ate again.



This sushi buffet was so really awesome. With many meats I had ever eaten, they had very high quality, but big disadvantage was Japanese rice. It wasn’t soft as I thought.


  • Very high quality meat
  • Free drink refill
  • Near BTS skytrain
  • Nice restaurant’s environment


  • Too less menus
  • No ripe menus
  • Meh Japanese rice quality (and make my stomach full easily)
  • Gross price (promoting price doesn’t include 7% vat)
  • Too expensive

Verdict 6/10

Not recommend too much.


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