When I come to Thonglor again

I ever went to Thonglor for 4 years ago. I loved this place a lot. I really love, love and love. I didn’t know why…

Looks like I must come to another province with my father again.

But finally, I come to Thonglor to see the differences.

Now at Thonglor, there are many condominiums that are being constructed. Many shop, cafe I’ve ever visited are gone. Some pub & bars are renovating to be newer. You think that’s good, but I think I want Funky Villa opening again.

Actually, Thonglor is the land of hanging out, dance together, but now this place is only hanging out. For dancing floor, go to RCA or Rangsit.

The charm at Thonglor


Luckily, Thonglor’s charm isn’t changed. 4 years ago Thonglor was very good place to hangout, now it still be same. Although Grease was closed forever, but Thonglor’s atmosphere of nightlife wasn’t changed.

The advantage of Thonglor was “cafe, restaurant, nightclub and pub, bar”. In daytime, cafe in Thonglor was so cool and chic due to alleys in Thonglor road had many trees that have great nature in the center of metropolis. Soi Sukhumvit 49 was the way to Thonglor that had many trees beside the alley. Because Japanese people still in here and Japanese loved nature too much, so many houses and condominium at alleys that connected to Thonglor were planted big tree inside house’s land.

From Sukhumvit 49 alley to Thonglor main road, you must walk for 10-20 minutes due to length of alley is 1.5 km.

Condominiums are a lot, but still have nightclubs

Now Thonglor is the luxurious land for investors who want to invest with real estate investment. Because of convenience for working, eating, amusing, meeting friends and everything in Bangkok. Some businessmen reviewed about Thonglor is the heaven in Bangkok. But not for backpackers or travelers who decide Khaosarn road is the way to the dream.

72 Courtyard

Reason of Thonglor is the heaven for investors or businessmen are

  • Have many hangout places. Businessmen or investor aren’t teenagers who enjoy crazy dancing in nightclubs. They prefers hangout places.
  • Have many cafe and restaurants. Especially, Japanese restaurants are a lot because Japanese are living at Thonglor. Not only restaurant, Japanese nightclub and Karaoke bar are at here (Japanese love to sing Karaoke).
  • Celebrities visit at nightclubs at Thonglor.
  • Most convenient place ever. BTS Thonglor station is greatest choice.
  • Not slum place.
  • Go to The EmQuartier or Emporium with only 1 station.

Farewell, Grease, the most favorite club ever


Grease is the most romantic nightlife place ever. There is 4 levels with 4 style. Ground floor is dessert cafe, second floor is LSD (EDM floor), third is mixed between EDM and mixtape (feeling as same as coming to DND and rooftop is hang out zone.

And this place was ever in the scene of Hormones Season 2

That scene was Win’s scene who came to New York for resting his mind, and his friends named Pat requested him to go to nightclub in New York. Actually, Win ever came to nightclub when he was at Bangkok that nightclub named “DEMO”. Due to renting nightclubs in New York was very expensive, so director thought using nightclub in Thailand as nightclub in New York’s scene.

In Hormones the Series season 2, director used LSD level of Grease nightclub as nightclub scene in Bangkok.

Farewell Safe House and Snail Bar is revealed.


4-5 years ago, Thonglor and Ekamai was the land of nightclubs. There were many nightclubs that opened at this place, That was 7 years ago since Santika Pub was opening before it was burnt.

After Santika Pub era, Safe House made Thonglor was boomed again. Safe House’s concept was designed with TRON style. Music that opened in this place was EDM (House). And Safe House was nightclub that was opened with 22:00 PM until late (approximately 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM at next day.)

I was entered to Safe House for once. That day Safe House had big event named DJ Soda and entry fee was so affordable. For men, you paid 300 Baht but for girl, free entry. DJ Soda event was organized by Blend 285 so if you came to DJ Soda event, liquor that was sold inside event was only Blend 285. For another sparking cocktail or chilling beer, they weren’t allowed to sell.


I reserved to front of DJ stage for seeing DJ closer. I recorded DJ Soda video nearly. But DJ Soda never interacted to audiences who smiled to her. I tried to smile, but her feedback was nothing.


But not for DJ Faahsai who had little collaboration before DJ Soda’s round was ended. DJ Faahsai had DJ skill like a boss. With her movement, songs she chose, her suit, that was professional. Her songs that mixed was so attractive a lot. Bass, melody were harmonized as the piece of modern art in galleries.

That was one of my most impression I had ever seen in Safe House. After that, Safe House was closed forever and now Safe House was successfully demolished before it was versatile space.

Meanwhile Safe House owner built brand new nightlife community named “Snail”. Because target group of Thonglor now was hanging out, so Snail was new hangout place with former Safe House’s owner.


Now Thonglor is one of the greatest land in Bangkok who investor want to live at here. There are many communities that are at Thonglor. Cafe, restaurant, nightclubs and hangout place are readied to service everyone who visit at this place.


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