Can Kit lens take portrait?

I ever come to “Cup E” Facebook page that contained many sexy portrait photos from photographers and freelance model in Thailand. There were many sexy pictures I never seen in real life. I observed many photos in Cup E Facebook pages and I just knew something.

Why many photos on Cup E pages were so really beautiful?


Photos from “Cup E” facebook page.

One of reason to let pics are beautiful, have depth of field.

So, how to take photos with depth of field? I didn’t know well. But Google was the master of everything you could seek & search your unknown things. Now I wanted to know why many photographers took portrait photos and had depth of field.

Many articles on internet and YouTube clips said about “Use prime lens with low aperture..” That sound was so good. And now I had these lens to take portrait. Actually 50mm f1.8 was so good to take portrait, but I had bought 35mm f1.6 since I was just bought camera. prime lens was so good, but when I took this too much, I wanted some different composition on new pics.


So I changed back to use Kit lens. Looked like I love to take portrait with wide angle.

Now I came to Manufacturing Expo at BITEC Bangna. Due to promotional model was one of the best trainee of my model, so I wanted to use kit lens with someone.

First, I use 35mm f1.6 lens to take promotional model. I thought depth of field wasn’t too important. Beautiful portrait photos couldn’t measure with “Depth of field”, but overall composition, model’s mood were better. When she imagined what mood was suitable for her, that was so better to do. She saw to my camera and I shot her.

Take with 35mm f1.6 (Sorry for blurring due to I was wrong to customize ISO.)

With Kit lens, don’t think about depth of field too much. That wasn’t necessary to take portrait photos. I thought different angle from kit lens made portrait photos to be great again. Wide angle made model wasn’t fat. And distortion of wide angle lens made unique photos.

Let’s try to take portrait with kit lens.


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