Photographer’s problem

When I came to some motor expo event, I interested to take photos promotional model. That was my job. It was so really fun to take take and take relentlessly. First time I used Canon 5D Mark III from organizers to take photos as official photos from manufacturing booth.

“Hey you, take many photos as you can. After that, you send photos to me.” Organizer manager said after he picked Canon 5D mark III to me.

“Yeah.” I answer back.

Then I walked to the front of booth. 3 minutes later, performing time started.

Promotional models and master of ceremony walked to front of booth and she started to say.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Honda…..”

Master of ceremonies told everything about Honda to any customers who were standing. She did the job as she can. All promotional model saw to customers’ eyes and smile to them. And now photographers who came to somewhere reserved at my place I was waiting to take photos.

That photographers didn’t care who they are. They pushed everything that interfere them to beside. Then they held big DSLR with telephotos lens to take without care someone who was in front of them.

“What the fuck are you doing? Get out on my way!” Rude photographers talked to someone who was in front of him. That guy evade to beside and that rude photographer took booth babe photos.


I saw that moment and I was shocked. That shouldn’t be impossible in photography society. He was visitor of this event, not real photographer. That time I continued to take photos and sent to organizer.

For me, I thought that should take it easy, but another one who pungent to this moment created new topic on No.1 webboard in Thailand called “Pantip”. That was same as reddit on USA. Users on Pantip created topic about “What happened with photographers at Motor Expo? Were they insane?”

2017-06-21 (6)

Today I go to Motor Show at Impact Challenger Muang Thong Thani. I suspect too much about many professional photographers.

  • What happened do I use Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to take photos? Can’t I take with this? Photographers annoy me. When I take photos near promotional model, many people who use camera don’t have any problems. As same as “Holy shit!! That chicken camera from smartphone… Why do you seize my area?” Can’t I take photos with smartphone camera?
  • I want to ask something. After photographers take promotional model photos, you continue to talk with promotional model. Someone is too long. I can wait, but someone is too fucking long. After that promotional will leave, I request to take photos, and that photographers see me as shit. What is this? Can’t I take photos? But you can? Isn’t it?
  • And this fucking moment! Moment that make me mad that call anger!! Some photographer who is taking promotional model and I take it as usual. Then promotional model see to my camera and that photographer feels anger and blame “Take it faster!!” WTF?
  • Another one, I take at front and that fucking photographer say “Hey hey hey! You don’t taking photos well. Your camera isn’t sharp. I take first. My camera is better.” Fuck yeah!

After I read that topic, I thought this user was so shy and low experiences to take event photos. That was usual moments but I thought this wasn’t usual I could only protect myself.


But another WTF moments or taking photos happened again. This moment wasn’t promotional model, but…. IDOL girl group named BNK48.

2017-06-21 (4)

Problem was same as when I came to Motor Expo. Fanclubs knew the rules of staying at front row of Digital Live Studio. When fanclubs finished taking photos at front row, they got out and let second row to first row. They knew and support together. That was good society. But bad photographers pushed and blame to idols “Fuck!! What time is that bitch seeing me? I must take photo!” or “What the fuck don’t you avoid me?”

2017-06-21 (5)
Look at audiences outside studio. That’s happened here.

I thought this was big problem of behaviors. It should be solved soon!



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