REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

I ever heard about Luna Nuna since I watched TV and Aom Sushar Manaying was promoting her brand new business called “Lunar Nuna”. Actually I interested when I went with Miyuki at Siam Square One due to she wanted to buy some skincare at EVEANDBOY and we passed this cafe exactly.

Until Miyuki’s birthday was reached, so I celebrated to her with dinning at this cafe.



Lunar Nuna’s dessert cafe was decorated with yellow color that came from moonlight’s color. This used Korean style to decorate. If you came to this cafe, you may heard K-Pop songs that play as background music. I ever heard Taeyon’s songs “11:11” at here. That was so very nice for dating.

Suddenly, this cafe wasn’t too big, but many customers interested here too much. So full customer issue occurred. I and Miyuki queued at front of cafe for 15 minutes. That was too long time!

Finally, another customers who ate yummy desserts went away. Waitress walked to me and said “Follow me customers.”

I and Miyuki stood up and came to available seats that was inside cafe.


“What do you want?” Waitress asked me and put menu chart to me and Miyuki.  I let Miyuki decided first because she was hungry.

“I choose this.” Miyuki answered and pointed to some menu I couldn’t remember its name. But that menu used chocolate and marshmallow. Actually, I chose menu with strawberry cheesecake that I thought I would be delicious. I loved cheese and strawberry a lot. When I saw to that strawberry in menu chart, I felt passionate to it. I wanted to eat this.

“I want Berry Buddy Cream Cheese Dutch Baby.” I said to waitress.


“Sorry, strawberry and cheese are sold out due to strawberry isn’t grown in this season.”

….!!!!? What?

“Damn it!” I swore in my mind. I wanted to eat Berry Buddy Cream Cheese Dutch Baby, but I saw to that orange and looked like it should be delicious to eat. I thought waitress should mark to sold out menus to let customer didn’t misunderstand.

“OK, I choose orange.” I said.

“OK. Please wait for 10 minutes.”



After I ordered menu with Miyuki, I and Miyuki chose seats that inside the cafe. It was so private and that was so great to talk someone.

I picked seats and looked like that was another problem again. Space between walkway and seats were very narrow. And I was big guy that wasn’t compatible for small place. I dragged seats to sit it. But that seat was against another customer that was behind me.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized to customers behind me.

“Never mind.” Customer said.

“Hey you. Can you sit it?” Miyuki asked me. “If you cannot, you sit at my seat.”

“No… I can sit this.” I said. But sitting in this cafe was so tough.

Now let’s taste them!

10 minutes later.

After waitress served water to Miyuki and passion fruit soda to me, I drank that passion fruit soda first and waited for main dish of Lunar Nuna. Finally, I and Miyuki got main dishes of Lunar Nunar we had ordered.

It called “Dutch Baby pancake”.


“Here.” Waitress served.

Then I picked fork and knife at the table to start eating Dutch Baby pancake. Dutch Baby pancake was crispy bread and any toppings which customers ordered. For me, I ordered orange as topping. Then have ice cream on the Dutch Baby pancake. After that, I started to eat orange first.

“Is it delicious?” Miyuki asked to me.

“Yes.” I answered. “I never eat this dessert.”

“I never too.” Miyuki said. “That’s first time I have ever eaten. I feel impressed to this.”

Miyuki’s Dutch Baby Pancake

“OK, let’s eat this.” I said.

Looked like we were happy to eat Dutch Baby pancake from Lunar Nuna. So I will tell feeling of eating Dutch Baby pancake from Lunar Nuna.

First time I ate Dutch Baby pancake’s bread. I want to say…

Holy shit!!! That’s so crispy and soft in same time.

Due to melt ice-cream made Dutch Baby pancake’s bread would be soft. And you can pour honey to Dutch Baby pancake as you desire. It was so very sweet, but not too much until you feel vomit.

But problems of this cafe was very narrow walkway and too small. I and Miyuki walked to inside very difficult.

And small cafe would get another problem again. Customers were limited. Looked like this cafe was so very popular, so you should extended more size, please hahaha.



  • Net price (not have more service charge and tax charge)
  • Most expensive menu isn’t so expensive. It cost below THB300.
  • Only Dutch Baby pancake menu in Thailand!!!
  • No fragment recipes. Extreme using recipes.
  • Very near BTS station.


  • Very narrow walkway in cafe.
  • Wait too long.
  • Very limited seats.
  • Dutch Baby pancake in ad isn’t real.
  • Berry Buddy Cream Cheese Dutch Baby is sold out!!!

Verdict : 7/10


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