Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!

Finally, BNK48, brand new girl group in Thailand debuted as grand opening on early June at EmQuartier, Bangkok. There were many fanclubs came and cheers to BNK 48 a lot. I didn’t go to this debut, but I saw to many fancam and I was fallen in love with “Aitakata” song that was upbeat and catchy sound. And dancing poses of Aitakata from Senbatsu (members who perform in each single, songs or concert) was very very nice. Actually, I ever knew about AKB48 for 3 years ago with very nice song “Heavy Rotation” but after that, I didn’t interest to AKB48 more because another songs weren’t catchy well.

This is my most favorite song ever!!

Know simply about BNK48


BNK48 (short for BaNgKok48) is a Thai idol group and the third international sister group of AKB48, after Indonesia’s JKT48 and China’s SNH48.

The first audition of the group was held in mid-2016 and its first generation was announced in February 2017, comprising 29 members. The group officially debuted in June 2017 with a three-song single.

The group is named after Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Orchid, a popular flower in the country, serves as both the colour and motif of the group.

(from Wikipedia)

Let’s choose Oshimen

Oshimen (推しメン) is a short term of  “Oshiterumenbaa” 押してるメンバー that is a term used to describe a fan’s #1 favorite member. In XXX48, a fan may have a different oshimen for each sister group, team, subunit or generation or may only support a single person overall.

After BNK48 debuted at EmQuartier, there were many fans already chose Oshimen since members were promoted on any social networks in Thailand, such as Pantip, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or TV variety programs. But problem of choosing Oshimen is too much member in BNK48, so this site can help you to choose.

Don’t know about BNK48 members? click here.


OK, I enter to https://48.meta.in.th/#/ to play mini game or…. BNK48 Oshimen choosen wizard (setup wizard on any printers use this words). That was similar as FACEMASH in movie “The Social Network”.

Thai words “จัดอันดับเมมเบอร์ที่ชื่นชอบด้วยการเลือกทีละคู่ หรือถ้าตัดใจไม่ได้ก็ให้เลือกเสมอนะ เลือกไปเรื่อยๆ เสร็จแล้วจะมีผลลัพธ์ออกมาให้ดู” It’s translated to “Rank your favorite BNK48 members with choosing each duet. Or if you can’t decide, you press “ไม่รู้จะเลือกใคร (I don’t know who I choose)” button. Choose them until result will appear.” So… Let’s choose.

First time, I choose Jennis. Then Izurina appeared!!

2017-06-18 (1)

So I chose Izurina. But looked like another beautiful girl named “Orn” appeared.

2017-06-18 (2)

I choose Orn until Battle No. 8, Kaimook (Whitepearl) appeared! Actually, Thai fans loved Kaimook a lot!!! But I chose Pupe.

2017-06-18 (3)

Then Captain of BNK48 named Cherprang appeared. I chose Cherprang.

2017-06-18 (4)

But the ultimate center of BNK48 named “Music” appeared! Her power on debut was so very very powerful. So I chose Music. (But Jan is so cuter.)

2017-06-18 (5)

There were many cute members in BNK48 a lot!!! I found “Tarwaan (beautiful eyes)”!!

2017-06-18 (6)

But round 18 or greater, if you choose your favorite member, chosen member from last round will appear again. Round 17 I chose Tarwaan, so round 18 Tarwaan appeared again. If I chose Jennis, Round 19 Jennis will show again, but if I chose Tarwaan in round 18, Tarwaan will disappear.2017-06-18 (7)

Now round 46, Orn and Pupe came again. I choose Orn.

2017-06-18 (8)

And Kaimook appeared. I still chose Orn.

2017-06-18 (9)

Then disinterested member appeared. I chose “ไม่รู้จะเลือกใคร”.

2017-06-18 (10)

Then round 76, Jan appeared! I chose “Jan”

2017-06-18 (11)

Until round 104, I chose Cincin.

2017-06-18 (12)

Finally, result appeared. But actually, near round end, Music and Izurina appeared both!!! That was very hard to decide, so I chose “Music” and that was result.

2017-06-18 (13)

You can play this at https://48.meta.in.th/#/

Credit Picture

BNK48 Official


Now Jan, Cincin, Kitkat graduated. In 48 groups, graduation is quitting from their groups.


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