I don’t know who decide to use area in front of Royal Paragon Hall to be appointment of cosplays. Not only AFA, but every events about Otaku’s interesting, such as AFA, Thailand Comic Con, TGS BIG FEST, but that’s so good because I can take photos to practice my skills.


Taking photos in this area is free. But if you enter to AFA, you must pay ticket 300THB to enter. But cosplayers still stay at front, so that’s so easy to take.

Although that’s so free, but many people still take it a lot. Oh no!!! Many photographers come to take photos until I can’t take to layers well. But that isn’t chaos as same as when I come to events that have promotional model who hate me with silly reason hahaha.

Layers at this event are so cute and friendly. When I smile to her, she smiles to me back and pose to let me take photos with her. Her eye contacts are so really nice and so cute.

Finally, I get many pics from cosplayers who are really nice. Let’s look that pictures!