When people use smartphone more than computer

You must design ads for smartphone now!

Today when I opened smartphone to check notifications on Facebook, LINE and Instagram, before I tapped notification zone, I saw many contents on social network had vertical size. And looked like these were easy to read at smartphone that smartphone’s display was vertical and 9:16 aspect ratio. But I thought perfect size of artwork ads were square due to it could show another contents easier and square was compatible with tablets such as iPad. Sometimes I opened my iPad and looking square size contents was so really perfect size.

Be simple

I didn’t love a difficulty of reading. Texts on Facebook has same size and same style. Nothing interested much, but looked like picture contents that had a little texts was so good. But showing only beautiful pictures were so cool. That was reason why Facebook ads were approved with a pictures that had text less than 20%

Actually, right brain could recognize pictures easier and faster than reading each texts. It memorizes as “pictures”. Oh yeah!!! That was unleashed things I ever knew.

Content is king, but size isn’t king

Contents on social network shouldn’t be too much as same as reading a book. Everyone who read any articles on social networks decided to read with your “interested picture”. If interested pictures were so attracted, so they read articles.

And articles on each contents must be simple, not too much, only less than 30 – 40 lines, so people knew your article immediately.


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