EV+1 makes model to be beautiful

Since I bought camera to take photos, I never increase exposure to be brighter. But my idea was changed when Miyuki, my personal model who had her owned camera called “FUJIFULM XA-3”. Sometimes she gave her camera to let me took photos. First time I saw to live view of this camera, I asked to myself “Why does this camera have very bright in live view?”. Finally, she answered to me about she extended exposure comp to +1, so pictures were brighten.

After that, yesterday I appointed Miyuki to take photos at Siam Square and have mini dating. First place she appointed me was Duck cafe. Looks like she wanted brighten picture so she said to me. “Hey!! Please extended brightness on picture. It can be decorated easier.”

“Yeah.” I agreed and extended exposure comp. After that, Miyuki posed to take photos on Duck cafe that didn’t have any customers. So this place was same as mini studio hahaha.


I took photos a lot. And after I extended exposure comp. to +1, that got great result. I can use this pics without decorating on Adobe Lightroom.

2017-06-09 (4)

And this is comparison of 0 EV and +1 EV.


2017-06-09 (3)
Left use 0 EV, right use +1 EV.


The left pic was adjusted to 0 EV. But right was adjusted 1 EV. That was big difference! If you want to take portrait photos, please extend EV. But that was your choice to change because some environment should use 0 EV.

Sample pictures


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