The initiation of controversy

In Thailand, controversy is called “drama”.

I don’t know why many Thai people use “drama” as “controversy”. But looks like controversies in Thailand still happens everyday. Some controversies make many people to be success for trending, but some controversies can let someone is failed and decreased dignity. Many moments in Thai social network still occur and the end of controversies are so same.

Now I want to reveal the initiation of controversy. Let’s read this.

Phase 1 : Content owner create contents negatively to someone.

Not only negative contents, positive contents may be doomed with critics. Critics aren’t came from hell, but sometimes critics help something that isn’t appropriate to be balanced. And now social network can let everyone have their media, but someone lacks ethnicity of media so controversies occur anywhere.

One of initiation of controversy is content owner create contents negatively to someone, such as accusing something or blaming to let another side loses dignity. Or content owner do something that contrast the social rules.


Example case is at above picture. Jayler (Thanaerng’s boyfriend) post photos that his girlfriend treads to his body and he uses description “Looks like society should do something to her LOL.” (555555… in Thai means LOL due to 5 in Thai = ha). Actually, Jay and Tharnaerng thinks that’s kidding or teasing. Not so be serious, but looks like someone disagree this action.

Phase 2 : Critics object your opinion in contents

Due to in Thai cultures, feet are symbol of low dignity. When Thai people want to condemn someone or something, they use their foot to condemn that’s same as showing your middle finger that means “Fuck you!”

Actually, Jay deletes that photo on his IG due to his friends say about “That’s inappropriate. Please delete it.” Jay also delete that photo and looks like someone captures that photo before Jay deletes, and they post, criticize about Thanaerng’s inappropriate action immediately.

Phase 3 (important phase) : Content owner agree or disagree?

Because Jay and Thanaerng are public figure, so everything they do are tracked with followers in social network. They’re tired to fake themselves for saving their habit for their fanclubs.

Jay has 2 choice, apologize (agree) or criticize back (disagree)?

Jay chooses to apologize, so controversy is ended.

But if Jay choose to criticize back, phase 4 is occurred.

Phase 4 : Critics summon witness who agree their opinion to attack you.

Collaborations are also have big effect. Looks like critics can’t accuse with only one, So they call someone who agree and someone digs bad moment and reveal to everyone again.

Phase 5 : Content owner payback!

If haters or critics attack to contents owner too much until that’s too over, contents owner will payback immediately.


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