Because working isn’t matter 100%

I decided to focus working as freelancer 100% with content creator. Actually this blog, was opened for 2 years ago, but I didn’t pay attention to work as blogger well due to I focused to work as YouTube creator at my YouTube channel and looked like my YouTube channel was growing until I felt satisfied.

When I quit the job, I paid attention to build freelance system too much, much until my health was exhausted. Some day I couldn’t wake up with happiness. When I felt awake, I still closed my eyes and slept continuously.

Finally, look like I knew something that I wanted to tell you.

Working is good, but resting is matter too.


When you’re adult, you have 30 years to work (20 years – 50 years) after 50 years, you will retire from working. that will be resting time. And working too much can get more money (if you’re freelancers or works that aren’t employee).

WARNING!!! If you don’t make your life is balanced, your world make yourself to be balanced. You work too much and your earn money until your body is sick and money you have earned are used with curing yourself. Sickness is so suffered your body, be healthy is greater is being sick.

Reading a book = eating foods to your brain and heart


Today foods are so various. Many delicious foods are awaiting you. You enjoy delicious foods that make your mind feel good

But why don’t you buy a book or reading any articles on internet to eating food to your brain and heart? If you want to be smart people, Reading books should be your routine as same as having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Because working is matter 50%. 50% left are relax time (I call this time is “hungry time”).



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