5 tips to enhance your portrait photos

  When my friends travel to another province or another countries, they love to take photos as travelers. That photos is so nice. They smile together when they go to somewhere. They go to cafe, they take it and share to their social network. But my friend consults to me about "Why didn't my boyfriend… Continue reading 5 tips to enhance your portrait photos


Can Kit lens take portrait?

I ever come to "Cup E" Facebook page that contained many sexy portrait photos from photographers and freelance model in Thailand. There were many sexy pictures I never seen in real life. I observed many photos in Cup E Facebook pages and I just knew something. Why many photos on Cup E pages were so… Continue reading Can Kit lens take portrait?

Photographer’s problem

When I came to some motor expo event, I interested to take photos promotional model. That was my job. It was so really fun to take take and take relentlessly. First time I used Canon 5D Mark III from organizers to take photos as official photos from manufacturing booth. "Hey you, take many photos as… Continue reading Photographer’s problem

Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!

Finally, BNK48, brand new girl group in Thailand debuted as grand opening on early June at EmQuartier, Bangkok. There were many fanclubs came and cheers to BNK 48 a lot. I didn't go to this debut, but I saw to many fancam and I was fallen in love with "Aitakata" song that was upbeat and… Continue reading Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!

REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

I ever heard about Luna Nuna since I watched TV and Aom Sushar Manaying was promoting her brand new business called "Lunar Nuna". Actually I interested when I went with Miyuki at Siam Square One due to she wanted to buy some skincare at EVEANDBOY and we passed this cafe exactly. Until Miyuki's birthday was… Continue reading REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

I don't know who decide to use area in front of Royal Paragon Hall to be appointment of cosplays. Not only AFA, but every events about Otaku's interesting, such as AFA, Thailand Comic Con, TGS BIG FEST, but that's so good because I can take photos to practice my skills. Taking photos in this area… Continue reading Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

When people use smartphone more than computer

You must design ads for smartphone now! Today when I opened smartphone to check notifications on Facebook, LINE and Instagram, before I tapped notification zone, I saw many contents on social network had vertical size. And looked like these were easy to read at smartphone that smartphone's display was vertical and 9:16 aspect ratio. But… Continue reading When people use smartphone more than computer