Looks like new iPhone isn’t trendsetter….

5 years ago…

I always interested about new iPhone of each years. That year was 2012 that Tim Cook presented iPhone 5. I remembered that time was so excited a lot because in 2012, iPhone was still the best smartphone ever meanwhile Android wasn’t good much. And I remembered that time in Thailand, 3G wasn’t stable much…

I and Apple fans waited until 0:00 of next day. Then keynote starts…

In 2012, iPhone 5 started to be longer smartphone with wide screen aspect ratio and more features. But iPhone still use 4 inch display. For android, that time started to use 5 inch.


5 years later…

Smartphone technology grows a lot until I can afford 4G smartphone with only 5,000 THB. That’s so crazy when expensive price doesn’t matter. Finally, smartphone is one of important items to use.

But actually, people who use smartphone love to take a photos. Although smartphone technology comes faster, but smartphone camera can’t compare quality to real camera. Fujifilm and Sony are a game changer of camera that they design their camera for casual using. And now mirrorless camera are so hot due to camera technology comes faster to DSLR and this can change lens for specifiable using. So… Fujifilm design their camera to be fashioned more than pro-appearance and they sell with affordable price.

Fujifilm XT 10

Until… this time… Camera is one of the cool item to equip when you go somewhere.

Why can mirrorless camera substitute smartphone camera?

Now Instagram is one of the most influence social network that show your pics. And if your pics are so beautiful, that means your IG is so cool and you gain more followers. Looks like Net Idol (social influencers) have mirrorless camera to take any photos and photo depth, light or everything are greater than smartphone camera. Although now dual camera are able on any high-end smartphone, but that’s so fake. Truth is real camera with wide aperture lens.

Some people still use smartphone camera to take photos.

In Thailand, Fujifilm is very popular. There’re many people buy Fujifilm’s camera to use as casual, but for professional photographers in Thailand still use DSLR camera such as Canon or Nikon. For Net Idol, they use Fujifilm more than everything. And Fujifilm mirrorless camera use simply for someone who aren’t serious photographers.

Looks like this is Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony’s game changer. Mirrorless camera is new generation of camera.


I ever come to Bangkok City City Gallery to watch art at here. There’re many people who come to this place and they use mirrorless camera to take any photos. Shutter sounds appear often. And looks like Fuji X-A 10,2,3 are a lot. I see their friends take photos together. Not only Fujifilm cameras, Olympus, Sony show too.


2-3 years ago, I see many people use smartphone camera, now they use mirrorless camera to take photos.

Welcome to the photographers society 🙂



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