Because new extension of BTS train route will complete in 3 years. So I want to tell you something about what happen with BTS train system in future. Looks like my predictions occur in this time, and they will be severer in future.


First, there are condominiums that are placed near BTS (or MRT) train. Looks like that’s so convenient for residents who stay at condominiums. But if condominiums are placed a lot near BTS station, passengers of BTS (or MRT) will be a lot.


Actually, On Nut station is crowded, but now Udomsuk Station is crowded before On Nut station and passengers at On Nut station are a lot and they can enter to the train a bit. So coming with BTS in future use more time due to in queue.

I don’t know how to fix this issue? And looks like fee is gained to more expensive, but still bad experiences.