Nightlife Photoshoot @72 Courtyard

I know every Friday night occur hashtag “#TGIF” that means “Thank’s god! It’s Friday!” Because next day is weekend that is stop working day.

Actually, for rich or successful people, they have everyday as working day. They do job all of time. But sometimes, people always have limited stamina to do anything. When stamina comes out, your body are exhausted. 


And looks like every Friday is relax day that let everyone who have their friend come to talk together. That’s called “hangout”. At Bangkok, there are many places to hangout. And each places have their owned rating.

For adults who have just been 20 years old, they prefer to nightclubs that have EDM songs and surreal environments. I ever come to nightclubs and that’s so really fun to find very cute girls in here.


But for someone who near 30 years old or older, they love to hangout with their friends. Looks at their face or their talking. They’re happier and shown their feeling together.

Finally, I have my new camera that’s so portable and so awesome as same as DSLR. And I walk to the 72 courtyard that let another one to take photos and say hi. 72 courtyard’s place is so friendly and I love to go this place often. I don’t know why, but looks like I’m trapped. There are many cute girls in here and they’re friendly to take photos.


More galleries

Featured image with high quality


All images are taken with Sony α6000 + Geekster 35 plus lens (35mm f1.6)


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