REVIEW : Geekster 35mm plus (f1.6)


Because autofocus lenses from Sony are so really expensive, and I want prime lens with focal length 50mm f1.8 for shooting models in any exhibition because long time ago I have used camera from smartphone that is so low quality and have small sensor that have a lot of noise.

And my personal model wants me to take photos due to she said “You take photos very good. I love them!”. Actually, I was event photographer so I have had some experiences to take photos although I didn’t have my owned camera. Earlier camera I was used was Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 550D. Yeah, I didn’t own them. Organizer let me borrow them to use. For another stories before 2015, please read earlier post.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

And now I have gotten my owned mirrorless camera named Sony a6000 that sensor size was same as Canon 550D that was APS-C. And I ever used Canon 550D so image I get from Sony a6000 is same, but weight of Sony a6000 is lighter and I must start with mirrorless lens now.

But looks like Sony lens are so expensive and I want to start with manual lens. Sony a6000 kit lens is very good, but I think that’s so very good for recording video, not for taking photos for moody.


Finally, I decided to buy Geekster 35mm f1.6 lens for taking photos with everything. Pro photographers ever wrote to their blog about 35mm is really versatile as similar as kit lens, but 35mm lens can do depth of field and make bokeh. Many people who have DSLR or mirrorless camera have to use this lens first. Reason for owning Geekster 35mm f1.6 because photos’ details are sharp and affordable. Actually, Geekster 35mm f1.6 is Thai brand that you can buy it only in Thailand. For foreigners, please find another lens.


  • Bottom diameter : 5.4 cm
  • Height : 4 cm
  • Weight : TBA
  • Lens diameter (front) : 2.2 cm
  • Sensor size compatibility : APS-C, Micro Four Third
  • Focal length : 35mm (for APSC 1.5x = 52.5mm | for M4/3 2x = 70mm)
  • Coated : Yes
  • front diameter : 49mm
  • Focal start : 30cm
  • Focal spin length : long
  • Aperture min – max : f1.6 – f22
  • Body material : Metal with black color
  • Mount compatibility : Fuji X Mount, Sony E Mount, Olympus & Panasonic MFT

This lens isn’t compatible with DSLR cameras!

For Sony’s full frame mirrorless camera, please enable APS-C mode first.

This lens use manual focus

Because this lens is so affordable and its price is THB 3,300 (Near USD 100), but it doesn’t have autofocus technology. If you need autofocus, price is more expensive and sometimes autofocus lens are more expensive than camera I bought.

But manual focus for modern camera use easier due to peaking focus feature. That’s really good.

Prime lens that start aperture at 1.6

So you can do bokeh, depth in field and shoot at the nighttime. I feel very good when I can shoot anything at the night. But I never try to take photo in nightclub so I will tell you later about photos from nightclub.

This lens aperture start at f1.6 to f22. Number on aperture ring are written 1.6, 2, 2.8, 4, 8 and 22. between 8 and 22 are very near.

And focus ring can move easily. It has weight to spin, to focus, and this lens are high quality. I shot many photos and I feel satisfied.

This lens doesn’t need adapter mount because new version of Geekster 35mm f1.6 is designed for each mounts. Tell to merchant what camera you use and he will bring lens that is suitable for your lens mount.

Very bright, sharp and versatile

It’s so easy to focus because this lens is normal lens. When you see something that have good composition, so you bring your camera and shoot immediately. And this is prime lens that have very good quality of picture from lower aperture. But if you need to take photos with landscape or some architects, this lens can do it.

So this is my photos that are taken with Sony a6000 + Geekster 35mm f1.6.

(every pictures are original, not decorating color or brightness from Adobe lightroom or VSCO.)

Is this good for portrait?

Yes, but it’s so good, not the best due to depth of field are less than 50mm or 85mm lenses. Don’t forget about this lens can take food photos very well. Do you want to share your meal to your IG? This lens is your choice.

Model : Mookmuay (B)
Model : Mookmuay (B)
Model : Mookmuay (B)
Model : Mookmuay (B)

And this lens can shoot to promotional model decently. But looks like environments to shoot is so hard to take and beautiful without developing in Lightroom. Finally, I developed them and show to you.

ส้ม - Luxury
Model : Som (A)
Model : Mangpor (B)
Model : Pin (A)

For another booth babe, I will update soon. Next event is Thailand Mobile Expo that will show in May 18 2017.

Nightlife Photos


Actually, I love nightlife lifestyle that is so awesome and have mysterious. always upload photos from any parties that happened around Thailand (mostly Bangkok). All pictures from are stunned together.

Because photographer uses wide aperture prime lens to take photos. Light is so soft and so nice.

But I try to take photos in nightclub. It’s so hard to take if you use compact camera that have small sensor. There are many noise if you try to take photo with compact camera with small sensor in nightclub. I already warn you.

For Sony a6000 and wide aperture prime lens, I can take photos at low light area because camera sensor are so bigger than compact camera.

So this camera and this lens, I am enjoyable to take them.

Food photos



Candid photos

Geekster 35mm f1.6 can take candid photos very well because of depth of field. That’s so crazy! But focusing is harder than lens that have autofocus. You must open peaking level and see what peaking signal appear. It is the fastest way to focus.







Flaw of this lens: It still have distortion.

If you want this lens for commercial using, please adjust distortion in Lens Correction in Adobe photoshop first. I ever found this issue when I travel to Asiatique Riverfront. Before leaving from BTS station, I took landscape photo and I saw this.

Look at electricity post, it was little curved.


Conclusion : For beginner who would like using manual focus lenses.

Not only beginners. intermediate or pro photographers can use this lens. And appearance of this lens is so trendy with hipster. But you should know about this lens may be heavier than kit lens. If you need more handsome appearance, buy 49mm filter and lens hood 49mm. Actually, these are bundled when you buy Geekster 35mm f1.6 with full set.

Don’t forget about 35mm lens is versatile that you can take portrait, street, only objects, nightlife without opening flash. If you really have new mirrorless camera, please buy this lens and you may love it until you stop using kit lens.


  • Affordable manual lens
  • Good quality
  • Control very well
  • Nice details although using at f1.6
  • Take nightlife photos without using flash due to aperture is so wide.


  • Have little distortion
  • Not autofocus lens
  • Have purple light when using f1.6

Gallery (All pics are taken with Geekster 35mm f1.6 lens)


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